Interactive Omiyage Store “U.F.O.” Feels Like an Attraction with Photo Spots & Shopping

Interactive Omiyage Store “U.F.O.” Feels Like an Attraction with Photo Spots & Shopping

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On October 25, 2019,
With Francfranc, which is a lifestyle shop that wants to make everyday smile with your favorite “color”, and Naked inc., a creative group that creates space with digital art such as projection mapping in amusement parks such as Toshimaen, Yomiuri Land, a new kind of shop, U.F.O., is born in Shibuya that makes shopping an attraction experience! The store is named after the first letter of “Unique & Fantastic Omiyage”.

At the first Shibuya store,
Based on the concept of “The URBAN CHAOS STORE”, the space is created with the theme of ‘Take a rest on the planet’ of “U.F.O.” which aims to be a place where “an encounter of unknown excitement” can be done.

The exterior walls of the building attract visitors with the appearance of a UFO crashing into Shibuya. At the entrance, a three-dimensional image that appears to be floating in the air is used to express how astronauts, aliens and dogs are welcoming and enjoying shopping. You can experience like going to space.

At the entrance to the 1st floor, when you pick up a wide variety of products, you can see images of the planets popping, geometric patterns and UFO characters, and enjoy an exciting experience at the Planet Station. On the 3rd floor, there is a product display featuring shadows created by three colors of lighting. The colors of shadows change from pastel colors to vivid colors. You can enjoy shopping while playing, not just picking up products.


The feature is an interactive photo spot on the first floor of the store where you can play. When you sit in a crater-inspired chair, colorful magma overflows, and words you say about talking to UFOs floating on the wall are translated into alien words and spread into space. There is also a special version that you can experience when a crater explodes. You can experience special contents reminiscent of the origin of the universe such as nebula swirling and colorful UFOs falling from all directions.

Please enjoy shopping experience like an attraction while receiving unique hospitality of space.

The second store is scheduled to open in Umeda, Osaka, on November 16, 2019. The original content is an interactive wall that transforms you into an alien. It is the entrance to the space station where you can pose as an alien and touch UFO.

U.F.O. by Francfranc Shibuya
12-9 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JouLeSHIBUYA 1st-3rd floor
(About a 5-minute walk from JR/Tokyu Line/Tokyo Metro Line “Shibuya Station”)
Open: 11:00 am
Close: 21:00 pm
space effect:NAKED Inc.

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