TGU Give Away: “Tokyo Treat” Box, Filled with Fresh Snacks and Candies from Tokyo!

TGU Give Away: “Tokyo Treat” Box, Filled with Fresh Snacks and Candies from Tokyo!

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Tokyo Treat is a subscription-based service that delivers the premium Japanese snacks and candies to your door monthly! The sweets and snacks are newest lineups, and also fresh as those are from their local distributors and manufactures!

Lucky, we got three boxes of Tokyo Treat’s June 2016 volume! There are three sizes ; small, regular, and premium, and we got most exclusive ones, premium! Yay!


Then you must wonder “So, what’s inside?” Idol wotaku girls’ unit “Omiyage” unboxes the package for Premium plan! This Take a look! As idol wotaku, Omiyage does unboxing on their unique way!

Did you see the volume and the variety of it?! That’s quite a lot! On average, you will receive 13 to 17 pieces of snacks and candies that include 1 DIY kit and a refreshing drink. A special item (from limit edition treats to collectibles) is also included!


There are three Usually it costs $34.99 per month, but this time, with the courtesy of Tokyo Treat, we will give away three premium boxes to three lucky users! (application in the bottom and only premium users can apply)


If you like it, why not subscribe it? Wonderfully, it’s shipping fee is all free no matter where you live!

Learn more about Tokyo Treat :
Omiyage website

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