BPM15Q Kick Off Their 2nd Year With the Addictive MV for “Hakutyumu”!

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BPM15Q Kick Off Their 2nd Year With the Addictive MV for “Hakutyumu”!

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BPM15Q celebrated their 1-year anniversary with their first one-man live at Shibuya Glad and revealing the MV for “Hakutyumu” from their 1st online single, which is appropriately titled “online 1st – Single” (release date: May 12)!

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The wait since the release of their first MV “BPM15Q!” in 2015 was definitely worth it because everything has been powered up! There are lyrics in multiple languages (English, Korean, Chinese), scenes of Nicamoq and Rinahamu running through the streets of Tokyo, and some really nice shots of food that will make your stomach growl! Like the MV, the song is a collage of sounds from all over the world (universe?) and will get stuck in your head and never leave!

Here are some screenshots!

Having already performed in Singapore (Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival) and Taiwan (TALE Festival) in their first year, it will be exciting to see where BPM15Q goes from here!

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online 1st – Single (iTunes)

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