Blooming! New Senbatsu Unit from seeDream, “Flower Notes” Makes Their Major Debut

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Blooming! New Senbatsu Unit from seeDream, “Flower Notes” Makes Their Major Debut

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It was announced that six senbatsu members from new idol group seeDream will be be making their major debut as “Flower Notes” on December 7th, with the single “Koibana”. The announce was made during their program on “KawaiianTV” aired on September 2nd.


The six members are Mio Takahashi, Minato Honami, Saaya Kimura, Yoshiho Nagasawa, Kotomi Hazuki, and Aine Fujii.

“seeDream” is the first group from the new idol label from Colombia “Label The Garden“. Most of the members of “seeDream” are winner of Colombia idol audition 2015.

Flower Notes will be holding release events “Koibana” from September 17th. seeDream is having in-store events (talk session and cheki) at HMV stores all over Japan.

Flower Notes “Koibana” release events information
September 17th, 13:00~ @TOWERmini Shiodome
September 17th, 18:00~ @HMV Esola Ikebukuro
September 18th, 13:00~, 15:00~ @Tower Record Hachioji
September 19th, 13:00~, 15:00~ @Shinseidou Sunshine City Alta
September 22nd, 13:00~, 15:00~ @Tower Record Kinshicho
September 24th, 13:00~, 15:00~ @HMV Esola Ikebukuro

seeDream in-store events information
September 7th, 18:30~ @HMV Esola Ikebukuro
September 12th, 18:30~ @HMV Esola Ikebukuro
September 24th, 17:00~ @HMV Esola Ikebukuro

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Koibana / Flower Notes

Koibana / Flower Notes

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