Summer Vacation is Just Beginning!? Petit PASSPO☆ Second One-Man Live Report

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Summer Vacation is Just Beginning!? Petit PASSPO☆ Second One-Man Live Report

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Petit PASSPO☆ refused to let summer end as they lit up Mt.RAINIER HALL SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE with a red-hot performance during their “Second One-Man @Mt.RAINIER HALL~Samba DE Dai-Undoukai~” on September 4, 2016!


With their second summer as a group packed full with appearances at festivals all over Japan, the fabulous five were in peak condition as they took to the field (stage) in grand fashion with their Brazilian Carnival-themed gold and green outfits. Because it was a “free photography” live, for more pictures, search #ぷちぱセカンドワンマン.

Getting the party started with “Ultra Samba”, their supporters bouncing along wildly to the Latin rhythms, the air was hot and humid inside Mt.RAINIER HALL. Splashing their way through “Zenryoku Swimmer”, Petit PASSPO☆ paused to introduce themselves and deliver the opening pledge, promising to give their all during the live. Holding up the special penlights which had been made to celebrate the occasion, the members were met by a wall of lights shining back at them.

Checking back onto the field, Petit PASSPO☆ began picking up speed with “Puchipa-Sports”, they hit full stride as they jogged around the stage for “1.2.Sunrise!”, Omoka Chiba (aka Omochu) mischievously hiding her water bottle as the other members ran past her. Kicking up their feet to “Hareruya”, the members began preparations for the World Cup early as they lead the cheers while swinging their arms authoritatively during the soccer-themed “Yamato Nadeshiko JAPAN”.

Riko Fujimoto (aka Riichan) mentioned how that summer was coming to an end since it had just become September but quickly got the supporters excited by declaring that their summer vacation had just begun, especially since Petit PASSPO☆ was in the middle of promoting their first mini-album “Ultra Samba” (release date: September 14).

Splitting the audience into two, Eri Hokazono (aka Eririn), Hinata Yagi (aka Hina), and Omochu forming the high school team on the right of the stage while Yuna Yamamoto (aka Yuu-nan) and Riichan stood to the left as the middle school team. Holding a decibel meter in their hands, the two teams challenged each other to see who could get the supporters to cheer the loudest. In the end, the elders emerged victorious.

Bunny-hopping playfully across the stage and pumping their fists to “Seishun Dreamer”, Petit PASSPO☆ continued their display of strength with their biceps flexing to “Muteki GIRL”.

Throwing out signed balls and frisbees into the audience in between swinging their towels to “LA LA LOVE TRAIN ~Koi no Katamichi Kippu~”, supporters scrambled to catch them despite being reigned in by the theater stye seats inside Mt.RAINIER HALL. Omochu swing for the fences as Petit PASSPO☆ entered the home stretch with Nekketsu Positive Revolution

After a few brief moments of a “Puchi Pa” encore call, the members came running back out in oversized T-shirts and just like their previous one-man live, debuted a new song, “Kekka Alright! Que Sera Sera!”. Showing the growth they had undergone during the summer, Petit PASSPO☆ maintained their composure and were able to express their thanks to the supporters for coming out to see them without shedding any tears.

Passing the baton between the members with the precision of Japan’s silver medal winning 4x100m relay team, Petit PASSPO☆ crossed the finish line of their second one-man live with their debut song “Samurai Girl”. Taking a commemorative photo, Petit PASSPO☆ and their supporters raised their hands together and took their final bow of the afternoon.

Photos by Kenji Harada

Set List

01 Ultra Samba
02 Zenryoku Swimmer
03 Puchipa-Sports
04 1.2.Sunrise!
05 Hareruya
06 Yamato Nadeshiko JAPAN
07 Seishun Dreamer
08 Muteki GIRL
09 LA LA LOVE TRAIN ~Koi no Katamichi Kippu~
10 Nekketsu Positive Revolution
11 Go Fight! Fly High!

E1 Kekka Alright! Que Sera Sera!
E2 Samurai Girl

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