Dance Is Not a Crime! FEMM Dances Agains Japan’s Dancing Ban Law

Dance Is Not a Crime!  FEMM Dances Agains Japan’s Dancing Ban Law

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Far East Mention Mannequins, the duo of LuLa and RiRi, published a video in which they are dancing to to their song “Fxxk Boyz Get Money” at Sentou (Japanese public bath).

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This video looks different from usual MV. So, why they are dancing? The subtitles which appear in the beginning of the videos say “Dance ha Hanzai Janai”, meaning “Dance is not a crime”, is the message of the video.

This is stupid, but in Japan, dancing at night clubs past midnight has been banned legally. The law that banned late night dancing in Japan’s clubs has been lifted ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.Banning dancing at public venues came about in 1948, when Japan passed a law attempting to stamp out prostitution linked to dance halls.

However, in recent events it appeared that the government was moving towards changing the law to improve the country’s economy. Members of the Japanese Cabinet had approved alterations to this law that would have allowed people to dance past midnight.

But this still have restrictions. Lawmakers say light levels cannot be below a certain level.The lighting must now be brighter than 10 lux, or about as much as in a movie theatre before a show starts, to discourage crimes and bad behaviour.In addition, with the dissolution of the lower house in Japan earlier December 2014, the amendment might be scrapped.

Obviously, dance is not a crime. Everyone knows that the law totally doesn’t make sense. Let’s fight for deregulation of the law with FEMM!

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