FAMM’IN (FEMM, FAKY, and Yup’in) Hypnotize With the Intoxicating MV for “circle”

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FAMM’IN (FEMM, FAKY, and Yup’in) Hypnotize With the Intoxicating MV for “circle”

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FAMM’IN, the super unit of Yup’in, FAKY, and FEMM, combine their powers in the MV for “circle” from their first digital EP “FAMM’IN” (release date: April 27)!

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The MV is overwhelmingly stylish, as expected from the combined fashion sense of the members and team of creators behind it. Combining trap music with traditional Japanese instruments, “circle” is hypnotic. Be sure to use some quality headphones to get the full experience! The EP includes one song each by Yup’in, FAKY, and FEMM as well as the regular version and “Radical Hardcore” remix of “circle”.

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In related news, FAKY also just released the MV for “Candy” from their EP “Candy” (release date: May 24). Don’t forget to preorder it on iTunes starting May 11th!

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FAMM’IN (iTunes)

Track List

01 circle – FAMM’IN
02 Pretty – FAKY
03 Countdown – FEMM
04 Lemonade – Yup’in
05 circle (Radical Hardcore Remix) – FAMM’IN

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