Play Again? FEMM and LIZ Team Up For the Fake 3D MV for “Do It Again”!
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FEMM add an additional player to the game for the “fake 3D” MV for their 10th single “Do It Again” (release date: May 3)!

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FEMM team up with American singer-songwriter LIZ from MAD DECENT records as they deliver an emotional message from the perspective of video game heroines from the 1980’s. The “fake 3D” effects are created by the use of split depth. The English lyrics and melody were created by LIZ and the Japanese rap was written by Lil’Fang (FAKY) and Yup’in. FEMM’s rubber outfits are by House of Harlot and designed by Louby McLoughlin.


“Do It Again” will be available on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music starting on May 3rd!

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