Wanna Join E-girls’ Beach Party? New MV of Their Coming Summer-Tune, “Anniversary!!” Now Out!

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Wanna Join E-girls’ Beach Party? New MV of Their Coming Summer-Tune, “Anniversary!!” Now Out!

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Rising to their national popularity, E-girls, the sister-group to the one of the biggest names in Japanese music scene, EXILE, will be releasing their new summer single, May 20th, 2015, and just announced their new MV “Anniversary!!” (release date: May 20th)

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This new song, story-line with girls having fun on the beach, is a party-tune with “jump-rope” choreograph. One of the members, SAYAKA comments, “It was challenging for us to choreograph the jump-rope move, so we hope that fans could to look forward into that part.” The video also features all of the members wearing different kinds of pop and colorful 70’s summer fashion, for teenage girls can look in to. Flower-patterned one-piece dresses, Bohemian accessories and Pop surf styles, E-girls show us how to chill with fashion, for Japan’s coming hot, summerly weather.

E-girls have been popular among the Japanese teenage girls, and been iconic with their stylish dance moves and sexy-yet-cute fashion styles. One of their main members, Ami, comments, “This song is very positive and open, it goes really well for the summer season. We hope this song will spread the happiness to everyone, like having an ‘anniversary’ everyday.” This single will be released in two types of format, normal type and with full music video DVD included. With their new released music video, the E-girls have prepared us how to party on the beach this summer.

Track List (CD&DVD)
1. Anniversary!!
2. Saturday Night~Rokku na Yoru Ni Mahou wo Kakete~
3. Anniversary!!

Track List (CD)
1. Anniversary!!
2.Saturday Night ~Rokku na Yoru Ni Mahou wo Kakete~
3. Anniversary!! (Instrumental)
4. Saturday Night (Instrumental)


Anniversary!! / E-girls

Anniversary!! / E-girls

E-girls Official Site :

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