Rainbow is The New Black: Idols With Uncommon Hair Colors

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Rainbow is The New Black: Idols With Uncommon Hair Colors

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Idols are often known for their pure and classic image. The majority tend to have either natural black hair, or color it a fashionable brown when they a new look. However, there are some who deliberately stray from the norm and venture beyond the typical blacks and browns. These idols stand out in striking hues from platinum to green, making a statement with their extraordinary hair colors. While they may be few in number, they certainly make an impression.

Younapi (You’ll Melt More!)

You’ll Melt More! is a unique group to begin with, so it’s only natural that their members flaunt their distinctive styles with pride. Younapi’s signature pink twintails certainly pack a punch in photos—few idols have hair as vibrant as her bright pastel shades. Just like how a chameleon changes it colors, Younapi dyes it to her whims and fancies. She has some of the most daring hairstyles in the idol world that people can’t help but lock eyes onto.

Chiffon (You’ll Melt More!)

Photo by Shingo Tamai

Photo by Shingo Tamai

Fellow You’ll Melt More! member Chiffon is not one to shy away from the extraordinary either. Wildly experimental with her style, she often shares snaps of her fashion, accessories and of course hair. Thanks to social media, fans get to see her latest hair styles from ombre purple bobs to dusty pink curls. Her latest look on Instagram features not just one but two vivid colors—blue and pink in a classic Harley Quinn-esque twintail style.


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Anna Suda (E-girls/Happiness)

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Idol Anna Suda may only be 20 but she’s already a hot fashionista with nearly 150,000 followers on Instagram, where she draws thousands of likes and comments praising her effortlessly cool fashion. Her bold pink hair is testament to her edgy style which complements her dynamic and unique personality. In a sea of dark-haired idols, Suda stands loud and proud with her raspberry-colored locks.

Manatsu Hayashi (Babyraids JAPAN)


As the oldest of the group Manatsu Hayashi leads Babyraids JAPAN with power—and a distinctive presence at that, being the sole blonde member. She once had long black hair back when the group had just formed in 2012, but with the growing drive towards greater heights she took the plunge and cut it short before dyeing it blonde. “Simply dyeing it brown would’ve been half-hearted for me,” she once commented. Going blonde was an expression of her determination.

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Miyabi Natsuyaki (PINK CRES.)

Veteran idol Miyabi Natsuyaki has been in the limelight for most of her life, and the audience has seen her grow into a confident lady who’s not afraid to charge ahead of the pack with her own trends. Since her days as a Berryz Kobo member, Natsuyaki has always been a fashion leader. After forming her current unit PINK CRES. she has only become bolder in expressing her creativity through style.

Rina Katsuta (ANGERME)

Last but not least, the latest idol to join the gang is Natsuyaki’s junior and ANGERME’s own budding fashionista Rina Katsuta. Despite being known as the “energy-conserving” idol during her early years as an idol, she has become anything but reserved in her quirky style. In January she dyed her hair green, an unexpected yet unsurprising development that fans found both amusing and cool at the same time.

While there may be stereotypical images of idol looks, it’s always fun to come across the ones who aren’t afraid to express themselves differently through their appearances. Why stick to one hair color when you can show off a rainbow of shades? The idol industry is a colorful one, and these girls are adding their own unique touches to it.

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