E-girls Turn the Clock Back in the Retro MV for “Dance Dance Dance”!

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E-girls Turn the Clock Back in the Retro MV for “Dance Dance Dance”!

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E-girls take on a new challenge in the funky and jazzy MV for their new single “Dance Dance Dance” (release date: September 30)!

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Set in the fictional “Club EG”, the members of E-girls channel the dance spirits of the past with the most obvious being the homage to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. It’s a mashup of several generations of dance blending together as only E-girls can. At the same time, “Dance Dance Dance” is definitely riding the wave of 1970’s disco/funk nostalgia that has already shown itself in earlier releases like “Sukatto My Heart” (Morning Musume. ’15), “Amai Yuuwaku Dangerous” (Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome), “Go!Go!Dance ga Tomaranai” (THE HOOPERS), and “Halloween Night” (AKB48).

“Dance Dance Dance” will be released in a CD/DVD version and CD-only version. Further details about the single have yet to be released but, since the MV fades out in the middle of the song, would it be safe to assume that the full version will be on the DVD?

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Dance Dance Dance / E-girls
Dance Dance Dance / E-girls

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