Dorothy Little Happy Return with the Legendary 5 Members! @JAM EXPO 2017 Special Live Report!

5人のDorothy Little Happyが一夜限りの復活...デモサヨナラ 。@JAM EXPO 2017 ライブレポート!
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Dorothy Little Happy Return with the Legendary 5 Members! @JAM EXPO 2017 Special Live Report!

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Dorothy Little Happy reunited for one day on the “EXPO Dream Stage” of @JAM EXPO 2017!

As the title says, performances like a dream can be done in the EXPO Dream Stage. Party Rockets and GALLETe appeared on the stage on the first day August 26th and Dorothy Little Happy appeared on the final day August 27th with all 5 members, Mari Takahashi (Dorothy Little Happy), Mimori Tominaga (callme), Koumi Hayasaka (callme), Ruuna Akimoto (callme), and Kana Shirato who graduated from the group on July 23, 2017.

The special performance was held on the main stage of Yokohama Arena which accommodates about 17,000 people. Opening the doors with excitement and nerves, there can be seen the full extent of the audience gathered and even many idols were huddled on the edges of the arena. Throughout the weekend event, this was the first time I have seen such a packed venue. Then, why did the group gather huge attention?


Dorothy Little Happy was formed with Mari Takahashi, Michiyo Suzuki, Runa Akimoto, Mimori Tominaga, and Kana Shirato on July 7, 2010. Michiyo graduated from the group and Koumi Hayasaka joined the group in November of the same year. Runa, Mimori, and Koumi graduated from the group on July 12, 2015 to devote themselves to their activities as callme. Kana graduated on July 23, 2017, leaving Mari as the only remaining member of the group.

This is not a simple story that the current and old members would come together and perform songs. This was a special performance that became a hot topic soon after the information about it was released. The reason for controversy was because of the graduation concert of Rumi, Mimori, and Koumi held at Nakano Sun Plaza. However, this article does not explain what happened there, since I think that people should face the incident uniquely.

As the stage lights dimmed, the members appeared on the stage to their intro music, the audience shouting out in joy seeing them going into a huddle as they had many times before. Who could imagine seeing them wearing the same outfits which they wore at their last concert again? Feeling like being in a dream, the performance which would likely be remembered as legendary started with “Story”.

Followed by “Tell me tell me!”, the nostalgic sound of piano rang out through the hall and the group performed “STARTING OVER”. Mari’s opening verse “I can not say good bye. I can not live by myself” seemed to express her current situation that she is the only member of the group. Her figure looked like a single lily blooming on the still surface of a pond, leaving the audience positively speechless.

As they lapped over chorus, joined hands together, and made eye contact each other during “colorful life”, I doubted to myself that what happened at that day at Nakano Sun Plaza was all a lie. The members rushed into “Akiramenaide”, “Life goes on”, and “Jump!” as they had no time to spare and the audience repaid them with enthusiastic calls. The volume of their calls including, “D!L!H! Let’s Go!” in “Akiramenaide” and the choruses of “Jump!” created an illusion of being back at their solo concert.

The venue trembled with the voices of fans singing along to the choruses of “Koi wa Hashiridashita”. The members paused to share their final remarks, Mari thanking those who worked to make the special stage possible and the audience for coming to see them. Kana thanked Takahashi for working hard as the only member of the group as well as Ruuna, Mimori, and Koumi. At long last, the moment everyone had been eagerly waiting for arrived as they performed their final song “Demo Sayonara”.

The famous call of “Ore mo-!” was full of positive feelings of affection, especially on this day. Fans of various idol groups gathered, creating a feeling of unity and enthusiasm at their level. This was the proof that Dorothy Little Happy had been walking directly towards their goal.

Above anything else, Dorothy Little Happy showed their enduring superiority regarding their skill and expressiveness as singers. With Mari, main vocalist of the group, setting the tone, each of the members added their distinctive colors to the songs with their voices. There were many times in this performance that the lyrics lapped over their figures. “Demo Sayonara” really reminded me of the moment.

Love you Love you More than anyone else
Love you Love you Since the first day
Love you Love you I wanna be your side forever
Love you Love you but Good Bye

Their feelings certainly reached the hearts of the audience through their songs, the audience trying their best to answer back with their cheers. The beautiful relationship reminded me of the sensation I had when seeing idols for the first time. Yes, I was convinced that this is what idol is. Saying thank you briefly, the legendary Dorothy Little Happy disappeared from the stage.

The members may have been suffering from baseless conjecture and rumors over the past 2 years, their fans also feeling the lingering effects from that incident. The members came back as Dorothy Little Happy to sweep away all the nonsense. This was not an unexpected revival and could be the concert connecting to Nakano Sun Plaza. Time does not stop. They have been working hard for each of their groups since then and their efforts showed in the final performance of Dorothy Little Happy as 5 members.

As if awakening from a dream, it is extremely unfortunate that I will never see this form of Dorothy Little Happy again. I would like to follow them in their activities moving forward while continuing to feel drunk on their legendary performance for a while.


Photo by Nathan Gey

Set List
01 Story
02 Tell me tell me!
05 sky traveler
06 Mirai e
07 colorful life
08 Akiramenaide
09 Life goes on
10 Jump!
11 Koi wa Hashiridasita
12 Demo Sayonara

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