A Battle Between Darkness and Light in NECRONOMIDOL’s MV for “DAWNSLAYER”!

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A Battle Between Darkness and Light in NECRONOMIDOL’s MV for “DAWNSLAYER”!

Photo by Leo Berne

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NECRONOMIDOL continue their journey through the shadows with the MV for “DAWNSLAYER” (release date: August 30)!

With a luxurious estate as the setting, the factions of Darkness and Light engage in a struggle for power. The music is by Mr. Perkele (Necroma Band) and the lyrics are by NECRONOMIDOL.

Photos by Leo Berne

“DAWNSLAYER” will be released in a DAWN version and a SLAYER version. The DAWN version includes the bonus track “celephaïs” and the SLAYER version includes the bonus track “ABHOTH”. The coupling songs are “STARRY WISDOM” and “R’LYEH”. This release features music by past contributors such as Azusa Iwanaga (ITHAQUA, LAMINA MALEDICTUM), Kei Touriki (END OF DAYS, psychopomp), Okayan (4.7L) as well as Tak Fukuyama (HEXENNACHT). All tracks are available for listening on the NECRONOMIDOL Bandcamp page. It will also be released on iTunes, Amazon Music, and other online services in mid-September.

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