Moratorium: The Emotional Final Performance of Hime Kyun Fruit Can at @JAM EXPO 2017!

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Moratorium: The Emotional Final Performance of Hime Kyun Fruit Can at @JAM EXPO 2017!

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Hime Kyun Fruit Can took the stage of an @JAM event for the last time on August 26, 2017. With the graduation of Honoka Kono in June and the impending graduation of the remaining 4 members at the end of October, it was one of the last big stages for a group that made Ehime a hot spot for idols since 2010.

Hitting the stage running with “Killer Tune”, Hime Kyun Fruit Can had the fans at the Strawberry Stage riled up, 2015 @JAM ALLSTARS member Mai Okamoto’s husky vocals punching through the grinding mix of distorted guitars and electronic beats. While tempo slowed slightly, the pressure continued to build, the shouts of the crowd rang out steadily as the members kicked and punched their way through “Andante”.

Cheers rose up at the intro to “Strawberry Kiss” began to play, Yuria Kikuhara calling out for the audience to dance along with them. Even though it’s sweet synthpop is far removed from the harder rock direction that the group adopted in their later years, its popularity in the Hime Kyun Fruit Can discography remains unchanged. Greeting the audience, they thanked @JAM for all the opportunities to perform and expressed their sadness at it being their last appearance. As a special treat, they brought with them a new song “Zetsubō Arrow”, a tune that sounds as sharp as its title implies, packed with ice-cold vocals and cutting guitar leads.

Continuing on with the piano-heavy “Free Note”, Hime Kyun Fruit Can turned the clock back to their early days, running to the corners of the stage to wave to the audience. Closing out with “Tatoeba no Monster”, a heavy song of farewell from their indies era. Reminding the audience that there was still time left until their final performance, Hime Kyun Fruit Can left the stage. Leaning heavily towards their early material, it was a powerful and well thought out farewell for one of the pioneers of the local idol scene. While Hime Kyun Fruit Can may be rebooted with new members in the near future, they will have a lot to live up to based on the accomplishments of the originals.

Photos by Kai Okudara

Set List

01 Killer Tune
02 Andante
03 Strawberry Kiss
04 Zetsubō Arrow
05 Free Note
06 Tatoeba no Monster

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