℃-ute Reveals Two MVs of “Love Is Like Static Electricity” and “Singing~Just Like Back In The Day”
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After the release of the MV of “Mugen Climax” two weeks ago, now ℃-ute reveals two MVs from the triple A-side single “Ai Wa Marude Seidenki (Love Is Like Static Electricity)” and “Singing~Anokoro No Youni (Singing~Just Like Back In The Day)”(Release date: November 2)!

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Unlike the cool electronic dance beats in “Mugen Climax”, “Love is Like Static Electricity” has a bright atmosphere with the image of a mainstream idol.

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The songs and lyrics of “Singing~ Just Like Back In The Day” are by Tsunku, and the lyrics reflect the old days of the members since they became an idol at elementary age up until now. In the liner notes of this song written in Tsunku’s blog, he states that it is not an easy thing to continue a career as an idol for 10 years, and he wants the members to sing this song not for their fans, parents, friends, or anyone else but for themselves.

By the way, did you realize that all the member’s names including the former members are secretly in the lyrics of “Mugen Climax”?

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“Mugen Climax/Ai wa Marude Seidenki/Singing~Ano Koro no Youni〜” will be released in 3 limited edition CD/DVD versions and 3 regular CD versions. The limited editions include serial numbers for events to meet ℃-ute and the regular versions include 1 of 6 (5 solo and 1 group) randomly selected trading cards each featuring different outfits: Type-A – “Mugen Climax”, Type-B – “Ai wa Marude Seidenki”, and Type-C – “Singing~Ano Koro no Youni〜”.

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