Endless Rain: ℃-ute Unleash a Storm of Emotions in the MV for “Final Squall”!
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℃-ute repay their fans with an unforgettable performance in the MV for “Final Squall” from their triple A-side 31st and final single “To Tomorrow/Final Squall/The Curtain Rises” (release date: March 29)!

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Performing on a circular stage surrounded by members of their fan club, ℃-ute perform as rain falls around them showing off the skills that have made them the standard for all idols to aspire to. Music and lyrics are by SHOCK EYE and arrangement is by Masashi Kusano & soundbreakers.

“To Tomorrow/Final Squall/The Curtain Rises” will be released in 4 CD/DVD limited editions and 3 regular versions. Type-A includes the MV for “To Tomorrow”, Type-B includes the MV for “Final Squall, and Type-C includes the MV for “The Curtain Rises”.
“To Tomorrow” features music and lyrics by Tsunku♂ andarrangement by Shunsuke Suzuki. “The Curtain Rises” features music and lyrics are by Tsunku♂ with a rap arrangement by U.M.E.D.Y. and arrangement by Shoichiro Hirata. The first press limited edition includes the dance shot videos for “To Tomorrow”, “Final Squall, and “The Curtain Rises”. All 3 limited editions include lottery tickets for ℃-ute events and the regular version include 1 of 6 (5 solo and 1 group) randomly selected trading cards “To Tomorrow” (Type-A), “Final Squall (Type-B), and “The Curtain Rises” (Type-C).

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