Renting a Friend, Lover, and Audience : Companionship Service for Acting “Happy” on Social Media

Renting a Friend, Lover, and Audience : Companionship Service for Acting “Happy” on Social Media

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A companionship service to act like “Riaju” (a combination of the words “riaru” (real) and “juujitsu” (fulfilling), meaning someone with a good life grounded in reality), named “Riaju Daikou” (Riaju agency) has launched in Japan which is causing a lot of arguments.

The purpose of the service is to take pictures of you being with someone and upload them on social media to show off. Users can rent companions as friends, lover, or audience.

Screenshot fromRiaju Daikou

Screenshot from Riaju Daikou

When do you use the service? The agent is suggesting some examples on their website ; making your birthday party looks happier with a lot of substitute friends, making your lonely solo travel looks happier with a substitute buddy, or making you look happier with a substitute lover.

It costs 8,000 yen (up to 2 hours) to rent a person. You can choose the person’s sex, age, and fashion, as well as detailed situations if you have plans.

Do you think you can be really happy with the service? Seeing happy people on social media when you are unhappy sometimes make you depress a bit, however, can the service fill your inner emptiness? It seems that the birth of the service suggests that people are suffering from acting another personality on internet, no matter they welcome this service or not.

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