Bookdol Union #8: Featuring Idol DVD Magazine IDOL NEWSING vol.2

第8回ブクドル・ユニオンレポート featuring アイドルDVDマガジン「IDOL NEWSING vol.2」
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Bookdol Union #8: Featuring Idol DVD Magazine IDOL NEWSING vol.2

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Bookdol, the idol music and book series, held a special three-culture collaborative event, which may have seemed random at first glance. The eighth edition of Bookdol was held on June 21, 2016, at Shinjuku dues, and this time the plan was a little different, featuring the attention-grabbing idol DVD magazine IDOL NEWSING vol.2, produced by expert idol writer Shinshi Okajima. This time Shinshi Okajima welcomed guests Rinne Yoshida, Tama Himeno, and ririka to the event, who appeared in the magazine’s DVD. Additionally, with music and idol critic Akimasa Munekata appeared on stage as a presenter, the venue was packed to the max with people wanting to get a glimpse at this Bookdol edition’s stellar line-up.

This volume of IDOL NEWSING vol.2, like in every volume, covers the current hottest idols, and this issue featured six female artists with very bright futures in the idol world, Rinne Yoshida, Manami Arai (UPUPGIRLS (KARI)), Riko Ishino (Idol Renaissance), Tama Himeno (Hime to Mahou), Risa Satosaki, and ririka. At the beginning of the included DVD is Rinne Yoshida’s “Rinne’s Rap”, the short version of which has gotten a great response with over 40,000 views on YouTube. The theme of the DVD is “girls and Tokyo”, and it’s an impressive piece of work where viewers can enjoy the fusion of idols and Tokyo scenery, like with “Rinne and Rurumuu”. Rinne as she appears in “Rinne’s Rap” is the complete opposite of the Rinne dressed in knitwear brand Rurumuu, standing against the city backdrop of Shinjuku with a cute, yet listless look on her face. Fans will enjoy getting to see two different sides of Rinne.

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Besides this, the DVD includes live footage of the unit Hime to Mahou, made up of Tama Himeno and DJ Mahoutsukai (a pseudonym of manga artist Daisuke Nishijima), as well as a video of actress/model ririka shooting in the quiet residential backdrop of Sendagi in Tokyo, making it full of must-see content. During the event Okajima talked about the concept of “girls and Tokyo” by saying, “These videos are reassuring of the fact that there are girls who are idols as part of everyday life, and I wish I could cut to Tokyo four years after hosting the Olympics,” but that one shot was perfect for getting to know “Tokyo right now”.

Munekata started off the event by asking Okajima why he decided to make Rinne Yoshida the main feature on the DVD. Okajima replied by saying that he’d always planned to feature “Rinne’s Rap”, and then at the same time, he thought about having her wear Rurumuu clothing. Munekata stared at Okajima with a serious look on his face as he slowly answered the question, and then turned to Rinne Yoshida to ask, “So what do you think about guys like Okajima?” He had each guest speaker rate Okajima’s face based on looks, and everyone gave him a combined score of 75 points (going off of each other), which was quite high considering, and from there you could feel the atmosphere of the event gradually become more relaxed.


Mukekata followed up by asking Yoshida how she felt when she was suddenly asked by Okajima to do a rap. She answered candidly by saying, “I’d always wanted to try my hand at rapping for real, but I never thought for once that I’d become known for being a rapper.” Okajima said that during recording Yoshida was a natural genius when it came to rapping, and that it didn’t take very long to complete the track. Apparently in order to practice, she just looked up rap videos on YouTube and watched the top results. It would be hard not to be surprised at Yoshida’s great artistic intuition, who at only 15 years old, is still quite the young artist.

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As for the Rinne and Rurumuu project, Yoshida commented that she absolutely loves (Rurumuu designer) Kanae Higashi, and she had wanted to wear one of her outfits. She said girls wearing Rurumuu always look cuter, and she wanted to look cuter, too. She shyly added that the pose on the back of IDOL NEWSING vol.2 isn’t one she normally does, and attributed it to the magic of Rurumuu.


Also appearing in the magazine is solo actress/model ririka. When asked about what it was like meeting Okajima for the first time, ririka answered, “He asked me…if I would do a long interview for the magazine publisher.” When Okajima tried to quickly defend himself explaining by that, “I’d been watching her on tumbler for a long time. She’s wonderful!” Munekata responded with a wry laugh, “That makes him seem like a total creeper, doesn’t it?” However he added that her transparent looks were reminiscent of a young Ryoko Hirosue, and praised Okajima for his sense of foresight after laying eyes on her. It also came out that ririka is a fan of Himeno’s, and when asked by Munekata if she’d ever been to one of her events, she replied that, “Yes, I have.” Himeno responded by asking her, “Wasn’t the first time you came when we brought out the nagashi somen (flowing somen noodle) equipment at the live house and everyone ate somen together?” To which ririka answered, “No, the first time I went was when you had oden.” Munekata admitted that something seemed heartwarming about the thought of her bright presence in the audience.




On the DVD, Tama Himeno appears appears as part of the unit Tama Himeno and DJ Mahoutsukai with manga artist Daisuke Nishijima. Recalling an episode with Nishijima while they were laying out a track, Himeno told everyone, “Mr. Nishijima would send me sound samples many times a day, but every time I’d have a listen Nishijima would be talking. I’d get an idea of how I’d like to do the song and start to sing, but then he’d say something like, ‘Uh huh, uh huh. Next time how about trying to sing it in a more feminine voice, like la la la.’ (laugh) He’s quite the artistic person. The footage included on the DVD is a 10-minute video of a big event Mr. Nishijima put on. He edited and touched it up, and it became a great memory for me.”

The event continued on keeping the same friendly atmosphere, and I can’t help but include this other tidbit that left an impression on me. Of course one of the shining moments of the event was hearing all three idols and models talk about what happened behind the scenes during their photo shoot, but one more thing that really stood out was what an impeccable combo Okajima and Munekata made. Listening to both of them go on animatedly about idols, you could almost say their relationship bordered on that of a BL (boy’s love) one.

After the talk portion of the event wrapped up, NEWKIDSCREW, the E TICKET PRODUCTION rap unit behind “Rinne’s Rap”, went on as the opening act. After that Tama Himeno took the stage and sang the songs off her first single Hime to Mahou, which includeed “Hime to Mahou”, “Clematis”, and “Last Summer”. Different from her regular music, each song had a heavy fantasy-like feel to it. Last, Rinne Yoshida performed “Rinne’s Rap”, “Koi no Sanctuary!”, “Manatsu no BeeeeeeaM”, “Positivity”, and then “Rinne’s Rap” again to deliver a total of five songs. “Rinne’s Rap” was definitely the highlight.




Rinne Yoshida


Tama Himeno

A little later after the IDOL NEWSING vol.2 release event, the IDOL NEWSING LIVE 2 Finale will take place on July 22nd at Shinjuku BLAZE. UPUPGIRLS (KARI), Idol Renaissance, Rinne Yoshida, Maison book girl, Hime to Mahou, Risa Satosaki, and ririka are all scheduled to perform, and it will be the first and last chance to see all of the girls from the DVD share the same stage. Don’t miss it!


IDOL NEWSING LIVE 2 情報まとめ(限定物販情報も!)

IDOL NEWSING LIVE 2 information
Date : July 22nd, 2016
Venue : Shinjuku BLAZE
Time : Open 18:00, Start 18:30
Performers : UPUPGIRLS (KARI), Idol Renaissance, Rinne Yoshida, Maison book girl, Hime to Mahou, Risa Satosaki, and Ririka
Ticket information :

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Translated by Jamie Koide

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