Seto Ayumi’s original apparel brand “Aymmy in the batty girls” to debut in spring 2014!

Seto Ayumi’s original apparel brand “Aymmy in the batty girls” to debut in spring 2014!

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Seto Ayumi’s fashion brand “Aymmy in the batty girls”(Aymmy) is going to make a debut in spring 2014. Seto Ayumi is a representative model as an aomoji-kei model. She direct and design the brand all by herself, which is the first case for harajuku/aomoji-kei model to start up her own real fashion brand.

Aymmy’s concept is street style with mixture of POP and Edgy styles based on American culture. It is a root for fashion style of Seto herself.
The brand focuses on lifestyle of “Aymmy”, an imaginary girl who was born and raised in L.A. It represents fashion style of real girls who enjoys her original fashion, such as rock, punk and skater style. It’s a little eccentric fashion style based on American culture.

The brand has four main categories as Kidz, SK8(skate), SCHOOL, and ROCK. “Aymmy” proposes total coordination of items which Seto Ayumi herself loves to wear. Seto produces original items with her gifted sense of fashion.

Before the official debut of the brand, there will be special collaboration items from Aymmy on sale at “HARAJUKU KAWAii!! FES2013”, which is to be held all over Harajuku on October 5th , Sat. and 6th,Sun.
Those items are very rare, being sold only at the day of the event and limited in quantity. With catchy design of logos as “Hello! Aymmy” and “NICE TO MEET YOU”, the items expresses Aymmy’s unique concept.

"HARAJUKU KAWAii!! FES 2013×Aymmy" Limited Item

“HARAJUKU KAWAii!! FES 2013×Aymmy” Limited Item

Seto Ayumi is also known as an expert of hamburger. If she has tried the hamburger even once, she can tell of which stores the burger is only with its photos. She produces her original hamburger with collaborating VILLAGE VANGUARD DINER!
With numbers of trial, Seto finally made her special original hamburger, “Cherry Bomb Burger.”


She says that 10 sour-sweet American cherries and three kinds of cheese goes very well with its juicy putty. This hamburger is also on sale for a limited time, so you can’t miss it when you come to Japan.

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written by Mikoto Sano

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