Yun*chi Reveals the MV for her New Song “Your song*” in full length!

Yun*chi Reveals the MV for her New Song “Your song*” in full length!

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Yun*chi will be releasing her 1st single “Your song*” on December 13th. In advance of the release, the full MV for its title track “Your song*”  has been revealed on her official YouTube channel.

Yun*chi debuted with releasing the mini album”Reverb*” in Devember, 2012. The title track of her long-awaited single was selected to be used as the ending theme song for NHK E tele’s anime series “LOG HORIZON.” The song was produced by Hayato Tanaka (from Floor on the Intelligence) into a medium tempo tune which impressive refrain will make you addicted.

Yun*chi has already released the MV for its coupling track, “Waon* with IroKokoro Project”, that was created through the collaboration with 27 girls around the world using the internet (IroKokoro Project). The girls sent their favorite Japanese words, then Yun*chi compiled them to write up lyrics. It was produced by Yusuke Asada who is known for his work with CHARA, etc. The song is currently used as the ending theme song of NHK WORLD’s music program, “J-MELO,” it’s also gathering much attention.

Track List for “Your song*”

1. Your song*
2. Waon* with IroKokoro Project
3. Untitled
4. Your song* (instrumental)
5. Waon* with IroKokoro Project (instrumental)
6. Untitled (instrumental)

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Yun*chi’s official website :

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"Log Horizon (Anime)" Outro Theme: Your song* / Yunchi

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