EVENT REPORT / HARAJUKU KAWAii!! caused a whirlwind in Okinawa!

EVENT REPORT / HARAJUKU KAWAii!! caused a whirlwind in Okinawa!

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HARAJUKU KAWAii!! is a festival that is held under the theme “to make ‘KAWAII’ the global keyword of fashion.” Lots of Aomoji-kei models, world famous artists and creators participate every time. The event is now gathering attention not only in Japan but also from overseas.

This time, finally, “HARAJUKU KAWAii!!” took place in Okinawa on December 1st. Before the event, KUMOJI KAWAillumi tree Lighting Ceremony where Natsuko Kondo and Una also held live performances was held at Depart RYUBO on November 28. Moreover, KyaryPamyuPamuseum, HARAJUKU KAWAii!! SHOP! were opened for a limited time only. From November 29 to 30, Yasutaka Nakata and the other artists held a Night Party “ASOBINITE!!!” for 2 days at Don Quijote Kokusai Street Store. As the climax of events that have been unfolded over the several days, “HARAJUKU KAWAii!! 2013 in OKINAWA” was held on December 1 and ended in great success.

There were various booths that make the event cheerful, and lots of audience gathered wearing Harajuku fashion under the Okinawa sunshine.


When the event title “HARAJUKU KAWAii!!” was projected on the stage, the venue was wrapped up with loud cheers.

After that, popular Aomoji-kei models, such as Shiho Takechi and Natsume Mito, made appearance on the stage. A further enthusiastic cheer went up from the audience.

Following that, TEMPURA KIDZ showed their powerful performance to kicked off the live performance stage. Hanae, Shiina Pikarin, Natsuko Kondo, and MAAKIII also showed each unique performance one after another. Furthermore, fashion stages collaborated with popular magazines such as KERA, Zipper, and mer heated up the audience.

While the audience got excited, Shoko Nakagawa appeared on the stage! Furthermore, Anna Tsuchiya showed overwhelming performance. When the homegrown singer Una made her appearance on the stage, “Okaeri! (Welcome home!)” calls arose from the audience. Being received cheers from hometown people, there was also a scene she was moved to cry in joy during MC section, but she showed off a dignified performance.

Then finally, the long-awaited artist made appearance on the stage. As you will see, KyaryPamyuPamyu successfully carried out the honor of going last in the event! Everyone from children to adults enjoyed the dancing and singing all together.

In the finale, KyaryPamyuPamyu appeared on the stage again together with participated models. Then she announced that she will be releasing the new DVD, will feature the world tour held this year, on January 29, 2014 that will be her 21st birthday.


After taking a commemorative photo with everyone in the venue, the celebration of Harajuku culture ended up.


Artists : KyaryPamyuPamyu / Shoko Nakagawa / Anna Tsuchiya / Una / Hanae / TEMPURA KIDZ / Natsuko Kondo / Shiina Pikarin / MAAKIII
Models : Shiho Takechi / Rina Tanaka / Fumiko Aoyagi / Natsume Mito / Yura / Saki Shibata / Anna Yano / Kurumi Nakata / Misa Kimura / Saki Sato / Asaka Taniguchi / Hikari Shibata / and others

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