Atsuko Maeda Reveals Her Current & “Natural” Portraits for Her First Solo Album “Selfish”

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Atsuko Maeda Reveals Her Current & “Natural” Portraits for Her First Solo Album “Selfish”

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It has been announced that Atsuko Maeda, who is active as an actress and a solo singer, will be release her 1st album “Selfish” on June 22nd, a date of her 5th anniversary since she released the solo debut song.
Today, the artworks for the album has been unveiled in 4 different types.

"Selfish" Type-A

“Selfish” Type-A

"Selfish" Type-B

“Selfish” Type-B

"Selfish" Type-C

“Selfish” Type-C

"Selfish" Type-D

“Selfish” Type-D

The jacket artworks and her new artist photo was taken by Japan’s leading photographer, Kazumi Kurigami. These monochrome photos, which have captured her current and ”natural” self, are appealing because of its simplicity. Stripped off of her titles such as an actress and a singer, her portrait as an ordinary woman comes out breath-takingly beautiful. These photographs almost make you feel the actual moments trapped in each one of them, and that goes to Atsuko Maeda’s unparalleled charisma.

The catch phrase for this work is “Good-bye, rationality”. The album title “Selfish” is also used for her new song which is already aired as the theme song for TBS drama series “Busujima Yuriko no Sekirara Nikki”.

The album will also include her past singles such as “Flower”, “Kimi wa Boku da”, “Time machine nante Iranai”, and “Seventh Code”. It will be released in 4 different types and four new songs will be recorded in each.
Furthermore, Type B and Type C will come with a bonus DVD that features live footage from her first solo concert held at Zepp Tokyo in 2014.

Commemorating on the release of “Selfish”, Maeda will hold a mini concert and high-five greeting at Lazona Kawasaki on June 11th. It will definitely be a rare chance to see Acchan directly! Will her adult charm enrapture the heart of us again?

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Selfish / Atsuko Maeda
Selfish [CD+DVD / Type A]

Selfish / Atsuko Maeda
Selfish [CD+DVD / Type B]

Selfish / Atsuko Maeda
Selfish [CD+DVD / Type C]

Selfish / Atsuko Maeda
Selfish [Type D]

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