The Two Girls Dreaming To Be Idols in Japan, Aminyan & Ruki-chan Tried “Body Fat Exercise” and Released Odottemita Video!

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The Two Girls Dreaming To Be Idols in Japan, Aminyan & Ruki-chan Tried “Body Fat Exercise” and Released Odottemita Video!

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With the campaign, “Let’s reduce Japan’s Body Fat!,” the video of “Body Fat Exercise” is going on viral! We, Tokyo Girls’ Update, have also introduced the Manako from Q’ulle’s version of the video as well.
“ニッポンの体脂肪を減らそう!”というキャンペーンのもとリリースされ、今話題になっている“体脂肪体操”のダンス動画! アイドルグループQ’ulleのまなこバージョンの動画を、先日Tokyo Girls’ Updateでも紹介しました
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“Body Fat Exercise” Q’uelle Manako ver./体脂肪体操 Q’ulle まなこver.

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Not only Manako, but also comedian Fruit Punch’s Mr. Murakami, and professional Baseball player, Mr. Munenori Kawasaki, and from company employees and small children are releasing their exercise videos as well. Each of them are very unique and very fun to watch!

Maybe this will be social phenomenon?! TGU also wants someone to dance to this…While we were thinking about it, Ami-nyan from the United States (on the right in the video), and Ruki-chan from Spain (on the left) volunteered!
これはちょっとした社会現象になるかも!? TGUでも誰かに踊ってみて欲しいな……と思っていたところ手を挙げてくれたのが、アメリカ出身のあみにゃんと、スペイン出身のルキちゃん!

They are dreaming to be idols in Japan, and by imitating Manako’s exercise video they danced Taishibo Taiso!

Contributor Wanted!!

aminyan-ruki-odottemita-02 aminyan-ruki-odottemita-01 aminyan-ruki-odottemita-03

Aminyan : Usually, I am not good at dancing…at ALL! I’m absolutely bad at remembering moves. However I love Yoga. Surprisingly, the Taiso workout was very fun and relaxing. At first, I was embarrassed to do it because the moves are kind of wacky, but the more I did it the more fun it became. I’d suggest it for everyone not good at work out or dancing because it’s super easy!
ダンスは全然得意ではないですよ……動きを覚えるのが苦手です! でもヨガは大好き。体脂肪体操は面白かったし、すごくリラックスできました。ちょっと変な動きだから最初は恥ずかしかったけど、何回もやってると楽しくなって来ました。簡単だから、運動とかダンスが苦手な人でも試してみるといいと思います!  

Ruki-chan : It was really fun! I love to dance with my friends. It was that difficult, but I just didn’t have that much time to memorize the dance…(Laugh). In Spain, I was dancing to Japanese idol songs like AKB48, Afilia Saga, and BiS! I hope my body fat will be reduced~
ルキちゃん:楽しかった! 友達とダンスをするのが大好きです。難しくはなかったけど、ダンスを覚える時間があまりなくて……(笑)。スペインでは、AKB48、アフィリア・サーガ、BiSなどのアイドル曲を踊っていました! 体脂肪減るかな〜?

I also thought that the “Body Fat Exercise” is very fun to dance to. And it also has effect to reduce my body fat, two birds with one stone! To the readers of TGU, we are also waiting for your “Body Fat Exercise” videos as well!!  Please send  the video to :, or tweet to our twitter (
筆者も思いましたが、体脂肪体操は、踊ってみるとなんだか愉快な気持ちになるダンスです。しかも体脂肪を減らす効果があるだなんて、まさに一石二鳥! TGU読者のみなさんの踊ってみた動画も、絶賛お待ちしていますよ!! 送り先は、または、Twitter (にリプライしてください! 

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Photo & Video by Yosuke Mochizuki
Translated by Satsuki

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