Taste of Sakura: Spring Edition Snacks/ Drinks to Try!

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Taste of Sakura: Spring Edition Snacks/ Drinks to Try!

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This time of year is not complete without finding the perfect treats and for you to enjoy during the cherry blossom time! But what spring edition food and drinks should you bring while viewing the cherry blossoms? Never fear! We’ll go through the tastiest snacks and drinks as well as limited edition products from popular brands to recommend what you should try. 

Sakura Berry Milk


Starbucks Frappucinos have been a yearly favourite and they started selling as early as late Feburary this year. But this year in the conbini, you can find the Berry Milk only available around this time. It’s sweet, milky with jelly bits inside. Overall the general taste is strawberry! 

Where? Conbini

How much? ¥237 (with tax)

Sakura Mochi


There is a big variety of mochi but this cute edition for this season is a must have. The design more than the taste is the difference compared to eating mochi. As usual, it’s chewy with red bean hidden inside but the texture of each mochi is smooth.

Where? Ito Yokado (Super market) 

How much? ¥267 (with tax)

Clear Asahi & Suntory Strawberry Chu-Hai!


Alcohol beverages are joining in on the addition of the upcoming . While Clear Asahi is regular beer with no cherry blossom taste or smell, Spring Strawberry is more of a fruits cocktails with a sweet strawberry taste.

Where? Conbini, Super market

How much? Asahi ¥145 (with tax)/ Suntory ¥152 (with tax)

Fuwa Mochi Soft Sakura Roll


This was an odd but good choice to pick up. It might be better for lovers of red bean and cream because quite frankly, that’s what the taste is. No mochi in this product despite the name. While it is soft and does taste good, there is a floral scent while eating the roll.

Where? 7-Eleven

How much? ¥160 (with tax)

Calpis Peach


While Calpis is quite popular for it’s original milky flavour, this could be a little disappointing to others. The limited edition for this season is more peach water which would be more refreshing in the Summer rather than Spring. There is no taste of the milky flavour that the original Calpis has in other flavours of the drink.

Where? Conbini, Super market

How much? ¥140 (with tax)

Caplico Strawberry


This is a nice addition to your snack list along with the Meiji Peach Gummy. Mainly Calipico is a crunchy biscuit with strawberry and chocolate on each side and designed as a cute heart.

Where? Conbini, Super market

How much? ¥108 (with tax)

Fanta Peach


It’s probably one of the sweetest but still simplest Fanta flavours you’ll ever taste. For the price that it is, it’s a sparkling peach flavour but not too sweet. For Fanta lovers, it’s a must to try this exclusive flavour!

Where? Conbini, Super market

How much? ¥151 (with tax)

Spring 3-Colours Parfait


This is an all-in-one taste satisfactory! There are layers of cheesecake, matcha, strawberry and cream for all lovers of sweet things! You can taste and see how soft the texture of all the layers of the parfait are.

Where? 7-Eleven

How much? ¥280 (with tax)

Spring Cheese Souffle Cake


This is a cute little snack that I would recommend for you to get. First of all, there is a edible but salty cherry blossom on top for decoration. It is sweet and smells like scented floral perfume. Buy a few as you might not realise you’ve eaten it so quickly!

Where? Lawson

How much? ¥230 (with tax)

Cheer Dance Twinkle Donut


Although not named a sakura donut, it is in season for this Spring. The Cheer Dance Twinkle donut is sugary and sweet with a strawberry taste in the icing. The stars are quite crunchy and it has a nice aftertaste. 

Where? Krispy Kreme

How much? ¥210 (with tax)

Saku Saku Sakura McFlurry


You’ll get an idea of what Sakura flavoured ice cream is like when you taste what McDonald’s has brought out! This special McFlurry is mainly vanilla cream with crunchy strawberry flakes which represent the cherry blossoms. The flakes are almost similar to cereal flakes from the taste but I highly recommend trying it before it goes!  

Where? McDonald’s

How much? ¥290 (with tax)

Sakura Frappuccino


Fluffy, sweet and creamy – that’s how you would describe the taste of Starbucks new Sakura frappuccino! On top, there’s shaved pink flakes representing the cherry blossoms and white chocolate that mixes with a vanilla taste. All in all, it is a popular beverage recommended for you to try!

Where? Starbucks

How much? ¥570 (with tax)

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