Thank You To 1,039,172 Love! AKB48 General Election Daiittou Kanshasai 2016 Report!

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Thank You To 1,039,172 Love! AKB48 General Election Daiittou Kanshasai 2016 Report!

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On August 7 (Sun), AKB48 that won the most number of seats at the “8th AKB48 General Election” conducted a  Kansha-sai live at Saitama Super Arena, expressing their gratitude towards the 1,039,172 votes.



Mayu Watanabe, who received the most number of votes in AKB48 showed up on stage and read a letter to the fans that expressed her thoughts.

The live began with her words, “We only have feelings of gratitude right now. Can you receive our love today?”.  As the elected members came on stage, a scattering paper snowfall came down on the members to the point where they could not be seen at one moment.



After the team performances ended, the event moved on to fan greeting events such as taking pictures together and sitting beside the fans. Members showed expressions of happiness and some even had tears rolling down their cheeks with full of thankfulness after seeing the fans enjoying the event.

img_AKB48_kanshasai_20160807_008img_AKB48_kanshasai_20160807_014After the encore song “LOVE TRIP”, Yui Yokoyama mentioned in the MC, “We heard a large voice of encore! Thank you very much. We were all touched by your kindness even in the backstage during the encore, and we decided to do a “Omiokuri” (send off) after the performance!”


The stage ended with Yui’s words, “We will do our best to maintain the present situation. Please continue to cheer for us!”, and the members sent off each one of the fans at last.




1. Arigatou
2. Kiminokotoga Sukidakara
3. Oogoe Diamond
4. Flying Get
5. Yume Eno Route
6. 47 No Sutekina Machie
7. LOVE Shugyou
8. Rock dayo, Jinseiwa
9. Yobisute Fantasy
10. Team B Oshi
11. Korogaru Ishini Nare
12. Bacchikoi K!
13. Lavender Field
14. Juuryoku Sympathy
15. Heavy Rotation
16. Fan Letter
17. Anataga Itekuretakara
18. Ponytail To Shushu
19. Iiwake Maybe
20. AKB Festival
22. Arigatou

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