Have a One-on-One Video Chat Session with Your Favorite Artist with the New kimidori App

好きなアーティストと二人きりでビデオ通話! アプリサービスkimidoriで夢のような時間を過ごしてみた
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Have a One-on-One Video Chat Session with Your Favorite Artist with the New kimidori App

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Even though you can follow your favorite artists on social media and watch their live broadcasts, there are times where it just doesn’t feel like that’s enough! For fans living outside Japan, it’s impossible to see idols all the time. If only there were some way to support or talk to them even more… !! That’s where kimidori comes in. Launched just last month, it’s an app that allows you to chat one-on-one with your favorite artists.


kimidori gets its name from kimi (you) and doriimu (dream), shortened to dori. It’s a communications app created to help make your dreams a reality, and is free to download. When you make in-app “star” purchases, you can reserve tickets for chat sessions that will connect you with your favorite artists and idols. kimidori currently features many popular idol groups like Team Syachihoko, i☆Ris, UPUPGIRLS (KARI), Niji no Conquistador, Akishibu Project, and Yumemiru Adolescence, and has plans to feature even more.

Kimidori is very easy to use. Though currently only available in Japanese, possibly causing some initial worry for overseas fans, it just takes is one use to quickly become familiar with it.


To demonstrate just how simple it is to get chatting, we had Elodie, a French native and huge idol fan living in Japan, give kimidori a try. She used the app to chat with Himika Akaneya from i☆Ris.


How wonderful it would be to be able to talk one-on-one with artists that normally play bigger venues like Budokan!

How to Use the App

1. Log in


First you’ll need to log in to the app. If you already have a Twitter account, you can log in via Twitter, and as a bonus there’s no need to make a new profile. Your default username will appear as your Twitter username, making you easily recognizable. Awesome, right?!


Once you’re logged in, select either male or female artists. You can change your preferences at any time by clicking on your “My page”.

2. Pick a chat session time and make a temporary reservation


After choosing one category, you’ll be taken to a screen displaying scheduled artists. Pick the artist you’d like to chat with. This time Elodie chose Himika Akaneya from i☆Ris! There’s more detailed information to be aware of, but we’ll explain this further on. Each kimidori live chat is separated into different time blocks, so choose the best one that works for you. Block 3 has an × mark , which means it’s sold out! Blocks 1 and 2 have △ marks, meaning there are only a few spots left. If you see a ◎ mark, it means there are still many spots available.


It would be a shame if, while taking too much time to choose, Blocks 1 and 2 were to both sell out, so Elodie quickly selects Block 2 for 19:10 ~ 20:10. Selecting this, however, this doesn’t mean Elodie gets to chat with Himika for a whole hour. Depending on the artist, each block is split into one to four-minute long personal chat sessions. Chat session tickets can be purchased after you pick a chat session time within the block previously selected. Making a temporary reservation is completely free!

3. Reserve your ticket


When you check your temporary reservation, you will see a notification at the very bottom that says 「スターが●個不足しています」(“You are missing ● stars.”) In order to purchase a ticket, you need “stars”, which are kimidori’s virtual currency. So let’s tap on the notification and go to the star purchase screen.

The cost of this particular chat session is 65 stars. By tapping the「購入」(Purchase) button, you can purchase stars through Apple Store or Google Play. Let’s get to it!


After purchasing stars, you’ll receive another notification to confirm whether or not you would like to spend your stars on your temporary reservation. If you would like to proceed with the reservation, please tap「はい」(Yes). That’s it- you’re done! All that’s left to do now is wait until your reservation date. You can confirm your live chat details by clicking on the LIVE tab.

4. Wait for your favorite artist to call


Be ready and waiting at least five minutes before your chat session is scheduled to start! To start the waiting process, tap the LIVE tab and open the “Purchased Tickets” screen.


An alert will pop up to ask for permission to access your camera and microphone. Tap「続ける」(Continue) to proceed. Be sure to read all details and rules carefully. Depending on the artist, earphones might be required or things like wearing masks during the talk may be prohibited, so please take note!


This is what the waiting screen looks like. All that you have to do now is wait excitedly and remember what you’re going to talk!

5. The call!


Right on the dot, Elodie receives an incoming call from Himika!! Just like a regular call, you have to push the「応答」(Accept Call) button to begin talking, so be sure to keep those shaky hands still! As soon the call is accepted, your chat begins!


Elodie’s session lasted two minutes. Let’s see what she had to say about her experience!

Élodie’s Thoughts

The experience was very private and it was really fun! It felt like waiting for a friend to call, except for the fact that I was so nervous! (laugh) The whole process was completed in app, and it was easy and simple to understand, so that was a big relief. Even if you don’t know a lot of Japanese, as long as you know how to use the app, it’s not hard at all. I don’t usually have a lot of opportunities to exchange words with Himika from i☆Ris, so I felt incredibly lucky that I had the opportunity to chat with her like that. I definitely want to see her live!

With the app, all you need to do to start chatting with your favorite idols is schedule a time, reserve a ticket, and then wait for them to call! kimidori certainly does make dreams come true. Especially if you’re a fan overseas and don’t have very many opportunities to see your favorite idols in person, this app might quickly become your new best friend!

Download kimidori

App Store (For iOS)
Google Play (For Android)

kimidori official website :

i☆Ris official site :
Himika Akaneya Twitter :

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