Handheld Wasuta Sparkle in Smartphone MV for 3rd Single “Just be yourself”!

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Handheld Wasuta Sparkle in Smartphone MV for 3rd Single “Just be yourself”!

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Wasuta enter the world of PriPara with the smartphone MV for their 3rd single “Just be yourself” (release date: April 19)!

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“Just be yourself” is the opening theme song of the anime Idol Time PriPara and features the members of Wasuta surrounded by sparkly and fluffy decorations. There’s even a transformation scene! The music and arrangement is by Kon-K and the lyrics are by Manaka Suzuki. Creative direction is by Mofuku-chan (Meiko Fukushima), costume design is by Yuu Kimura, and choreography is by Ayumi Takada.

“Just be yourself” will be released in a limited edition CD and a limited edition CD/Blu-ray version. The limited edition CD includes special Idol Time PriPara cover art and the bonus track “Inu-Neko. Seishun Massakari”. The CD/Blu-ray version includes the MV for “Just be yourself” as well as the bonus tracks “Nyaku Nyaku Nya Suizokan 2”, “Yakusoku Dakara”, and “Inu-Neko. Seishun Massakari”. Hopefully, this will not be affected by the recent incomprehensible decision by avex pictures to ban the export of products overseas.

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Just be yourself / Wa-suta
Just be yourself / Wa-suta

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