The New Pepsi Advertisement feat. G-cup Idol Ai Shinozaki is So Stimulating, It’s Amazing!

The New Pepsi Advertisement feat. G-cup Idol Ai Shinozaki is So Stimulating, It’s Amazing!

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On June 16th, a new product, Pepsi Strong Zero (from Pepsi’s new Pepsi Strong brand), will be put on sale . In commemoration, a Pepsi Strong Bar is currently opening for a limited time in Harajuku. In addition, a video has been issued where the celebrity Ai Shinozaki experiences the high-stimulus attraction Pepsi Strong Ball, which makes use of the cutting-edge Oculus Rift, set up at that bar.

Pepsi Strong Ball is an experiential game which recreates in 360 degrees the world found in the Pepsi Momotaro TV commercial in which Shun Oguri appears. In the game you work to get away from demons who come after you, using the four actions of running, dashing, moving and jumping.

The video starts with Shinozaki actually making her way to the Pepsi Strong Ball, then seeing big demons right in front of her when she puts on the Oculus Rift.




In addition to showing you Shinozaki’s figure from various angles as she tries to get away from the demons by running and jumping, a great job is done of linking this to the game images that she is actually experiencing. You also get to hear Shinozaki’s ragged breathing, so the video comes together in a cool and stylish way which makes you feel like you were right there.

ai_shinozaki_pepsi_03 ai_shinozaki_pepsi_04 ai_shinozaki_pepsi_05

Then at the end the Pepsi Strong jingle plays, and as Shinozaki finishes the game, there is a Pepsi Strong Zero in front of her.


Anyway, this video is very Japan-ish and worth watching out. Technology, Girl, Neon Beam, and TV game like fantasy are all mixed in this great footage.

After experiencing the game, Shinozaki had the following comments: “this is the first time I have experienced Oculus Rift, and I was really surprised by the feeling that demons were really there. The demons were more awesome than I expected, and big, so I was afraid from start to finish. I had also been feeling recently that I’d been lacking in stimulation, so I enjoyed even more than usual the stimulating experience given by this device. For those of you who are low on stimulation, please take this chance to experience this!”

The Pepsi Strong Bar where you can experience the high-stimulus Pepsi Strong Ball attraction is open (in Harajuku) for a limited time only, until June 23rd (Tue).


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