Sae Miyazawa, Aki Takajo, Izumi Umemoto, Rena Nishiyama Announce Graduation From 48 Groups!

Sae Miyazawa, Aki Takajo, Izumi Umemoto, Rena Nishiyama Announce Graduation From 48 Groups!

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The year full of shocking and heartbreaking graduations has not ended yet! Sae Miyazawa, Aki Takajo, Izumi Umemoto, and Rena Nishiyama have all announced their graduations from the 48 groups!

December 15, 2015


Aki Takajo, last remaining 6th generation AKB48 and former JKT48 member, announced her graduation at the AKB48 Kouhaku Taikou Uta Gassen at Tokyo Dome City Hall. Appearing on the stage all alone and fighting through tears, Takajo explained:

I, Aki Takajo will graduate from AKB48. I love AKB48 so much. I am not dissatisfied at all at my current position within the group. However, I think it would be naive to think that I can keep going on like this. Becoming a member of AKB48 and being able to pursue many activities filled me with feelings of pride but, I would like to proceed down the road of Aki Takajo from this point on.

Takajo had been thinking about graduation since 2 years prior and will pursue her dream of becoming an actress. Graduated 1st generation member and actress Atsuko Maeda, who was at the event, offered Takajo words of encouragement, “When you come here (the world of acting), I want you to do your best!”

Details of Aki Takajo’s final events as a member of AKB48 have yet to be announced. She will be performing in a stage play based on the TV drama Kasane which she starred in during the spring of 2015. The play runs from January 26th to 31st, 2016 at the Akasaka Red Theater in Tokyo.

December 16, 2015


Sae Miyazawa, 2nd generation AKB48 and current SKE48/SNH48 member shocked a national audience when she announced her graduation during FNS Kayousai on December 16, 2015. Miyazawa explained:

I have been active as a member of SKE48 and the overseas group SNH48 as well as having joined AKB48 as a 2nd generation member almost 10 years ago. During my time in the 48 groups I was able to have many different experiences but recently, when I thought about stepping out from the group, it has made me feel anxious and excited inside so, I felt that it was time to take that step.

Miyazawa’s comments took on a slightly humorous context as Minami Takahashi and TM Revolution were standing next to her wearing the strappy black outfits from “HOT LIMIT” as they had just been performing it together moments earlier.

Details of Sae Miyazawa’s final events as a member of SKE48 and SNH48 have yet to be announced.


1st generation AKB48 draft member Rena Nishiyama announced her graduation during the Team A “Seishun wa mada Owaranai” performance (and co-captain Mariko Nakamura’s birthday live) at the AKB48 Theater. Nishiyama explained that through being in the group, she had found that she enjoyed helping others and would be graduating to concentrate on her studies in order to work toward her dreams.

I, Rena Nishiyama will graduate from AKB48. It has been about 2 years since I was selected to join AKB48 during the 1st Draft Kaigi. During these 2 years, there were happy time, painful times, and sad times. I was able to feel many things. Treasuring the things that I learned from being in AKB48, there is a new dream that I want to pursue. That dream is not something like an actress or a hair stylist. Having come to Tokyo (from Aomori), I would often talk with my mother about becoming a volunteer; it became my dream to rescue/save people. I have many worries about this but, I have decided to graduate in order to devote myself to my studies and the pursuit of my dream. In preparation for that, my graduation performance will be on December 23rd. There is only a little time left but I ask for your continued support until then as I will be doing my best.


2nd generation HKT48 member Izumi Umemoto shocked fans and members when she interrupted the final bow during the Team H “Saishuu bell ga Naru” performance at the HKT48 Theater to announce her graduation.

I, Izumi Umemoto will graduate from HKT48. Up until now I have been experience so many different things, every day has been truly incredible. However, I have a dream of becoming a singer-songwriter. In order to make that dream come true, I came to want to study music a lot more seriously. I apologize deeply for the sudden announcement but ask for your support in the little time that we have left.

Umemoto’s final performance will be on December 27th and she will officially graduate on December 31st.

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