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It all started out from Actor's School of Hiroshima (ASH) which is known as アクターズスクール広島. When i start to notice Nakamoto Suzuka and her sister nakamoto Himeka performance when i watch the videos on Youtube. In 2008, Suzuka was in the group 可憐Girl...
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From : KeeChee (Singapore)
Hi everyone, I was introduced to BABYMETAL by a fan page on Facebook. My fan is DJ Tekina//Something aka Yuyoyuppe.. He is the one who arranged Megitsune so it was posted in the page. I then went to watch the MV, the girls were pretty and it was q...
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From : Reio (Somewhere)
HI, Greeting to all babymetal fans. My name is Lum Kee Boh from singapore ! Would you like to tell us your thought on BABYMETAL? Yes, I get to know babymetal in Singapore AFA 2012 when they come to AFA concert with out any knowledge of them. W...
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From : Lum Kee Boh (Singapore)
Babymetal. Has Changed my Life. I was just really getting into listening to JPOP, but they all started to sound the same. Then up pops this video “line” and I was hooked. I just kept finding more videos… So I checked iTunes… OMG! More Tunes!!! N...
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From : Nick Fleury (USA)
My Name is Luki (yeah, my friend call me like that), I'm from Indonesia, I'm 17 years old, and next month I'll go to a college, I'm a programmer, web designer, and this chance I will review about BABYMETAL to help Tokyo Girls' Update. Check it out! ^...
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From : Luki (Indonesia)
Babymetal is a really great band :D the combination of heavy metal and J-pop sounds really good! I'm a fan of the heavy music and also Sakura Gakuin (that's how I found Babymetal out :3) and when I heard that there's this band called "Babymetal" that...
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From : Shawn Yang (Australia)
Greetings from Slovenia, Europe! My name is Bogdan (age 30) and I wrote this mail to give my opinion about Babymetal. I was checking youtube for some japanese black metal that I heard once but instead of that I came across Babymetal. I believe I s...
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From : Bogdan (Slovenia)
First, I hear BABYMETAL name is from my friend, he said that this band is has a good perfomance. So, I search it, and I found the video performing. My friend is true about the performance, is good for young girl. Also the voice, they have good voice ...
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From : ErickMetal (Somewhere)
I've been a fan of BABYMETAL since 2011 when Sakura Gakuin announced them as a sub-unit and released the "Doki Doki Morning" PV Preview on YouTube. When I first saw the preview, it was really scary even though it's just a short video, especially whe...
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From : Eunice Chong (Singapore)
Hey there! My name is Carl and I'm from the United Kingdom. My thoughts on BABYMETAL? I think they are fantastic. They're all wonderful. I first knew about them when I heard ド・キ・ド・キ☆モーニング, I didn't know what to think of it at first but it g...
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From : Carl (United Kingdom)
Hey there, Name is David Savage from Scotland, 23. Babymetal are simply incredible, already a fan of Japanese culture and with some years I will be moving to the country myself Babymetal certainly didn't surprise me as much as everyone else seemed...
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From : David Savage (Scotland)
Oh babymetal~ Although i came to like them only this year's January, but my love for them grows everyday! Their song truly touches me.. like ijime dame zettai, about anti-bullying. Which is my favorite as i really hate bullying a lot. Songs like Megi...
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From : Matthew Poh (Singapore)
I love baby metal. I have bought there new album and it is far more better than I expected. I started listening to baby metal around the time mekitsune came out. most of my friends listen to full rock music like Metallica and groups like then then th...
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From : Tomo (United Kingdom)
I had not heard of Babymetal prior to your facebook post about them. I am not a fan of what is called "metal" today, I regularly rag my son about groups like slipknot etc. If Babymetal is considered "metal" by today's terms they are doing it better f...
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From : Christopher Rimmer (USA)
I love Babymetal! My favorite song is Megitsune and Doki Doki Morning! So glad to see they've been getting worldwide attention. I'm hoping to see them live when they do another show in Tokyo! I like the mix of cute and hardcore, I love idols and I ...
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From : Lisa (Japan)
greetings from indonesia :) my first babymetal video was ijime, dame, zettai, at the time, i think they are very interesting and unique, but i don't want to be disappointed by one hit wonder kind of band, so i studied more about them. and after i ...
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From : Ari 'Somad' Santoso (Indonesia)
How deep is my love for BABYMETAL? I made a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and e-mail address strictly dedicated to all things BABYMETAL. I've never done that for anything else, period! No other band, no other TV show, or video game, or anime. Nothing. B...
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From : Kitsune Sama (USA)
BABYMETAL is phenomenal! Su-metal's enchanting voice and Yuimetal and Moametal's dance moves are so addicting! A new perspective in music and dance Greetings from the Philippines \m/...
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From : Clark Adrian (Philippines)
From the Philippines! Hmm. I don't think I've embraced a band especially a Japanese or Metal band faster than I did with BABYMETAL. I didn't really listen, I just heard my brother listening to them because he saw them on 9gag. When I looked them up, ...
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From : Justine Danielle Sanchez (Philippines)
... the commitment to metal was there. There are some serious musicians making these songs and you had to give props to the suit who went in the boardroom and pitched the wild idea that is BABYMETAL. At the end of the day, it was how the music affect...
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From : Dennis Salipsip (Philippines)
My favorite song is Ijime dame zettai and Gime Chocolate. I would like one day they come here and visit Brazil *-* Babymetal's music is different, isn't cuteness only, it has its dark side. And I like it! I love all coreographies and I've learned so...
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From : Andréia Ribas (Brazil)
Loved BABYMETAL from the first time I saw/ heard them almost two years ago! Love every song! They NEED to come to America!...
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From : Brett Beaumont (USA)
My love for Babymetal is shocking! all favorite song especially "Ijime Dame Zettai" Simply, thank you for existing! Thanks for cheering Babymetal life! We Are BABYMETAL!! \m/ ARGENTINA! \(^o^)/...
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From : Lokura Sic (Argentina)
There too many cool songs to choose from! If I had to pick, Megitsune and Head Bangya!! would be first, followed by Uki Uki Midnight and Onedari Daisakusen. My love for BabyMETAL goes beyond just the music though, as it opened my ears to the musical ...
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From : William Cron (USA)
Like most of their fan (older male) demographic; i'm absolutely MOE / PEDO over them! ( just kidding) but joking aside i think they are great, different, fresh, even though it is all orchestrated from behind the scenes ( but what isn't these days) ; ...
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From : Brent Zavala (USA)
When my friend suggested I watch this "crazy gimmick" band's Gimme Chocolate video, my first thought was, "Oh god, what nightmare am I about to go through." About halfway through the song, I went from "What the f*ck is THIS???" to "Huh, this is pret...
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From : Owen Mather (USA)
Doki doki morning was the first song I listened. Line always starts my day, and Ijime Dame Zettai throughout the day. I am satisfied just to listen to BABYMETAL everyday. I really love BABYMETAL so much! :)) From the Philippines! Great new genre....
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From : Wyeth De Leon (Philippines)
I love Gimme Chocolate ,Headbanger, DEATH, Doki Doki morning and ....Ijime ,Dame Zettai and ...all of their song @_@ i don't know, all of their song is just cool ,i mean i never thought mixing dance and metal become this , and imma waiting f...
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From : Wisnu Baskoro (Indonesia)
let them know that they have fans from everywhere, including Tasmania!! the first song and video I saw was Ijime, Dame, Zettai, and it's still one of my favourites!! But it's becoming harder to choose, there are so many good songs, and I can't wai...
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From : Marco N De Santi (Australia)
I have only been listening to Babymetal for a couple of months now, but from the first moment I heard them I just thought they were amazing. their music is so fun and catchy that all my friends I have shown them to love them also. I can not wait to s...
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From : Liam (United Kingdom)
amazing!!awesome!!! right now i,m addicted to Babymetal song..especially Iine, Megitsune, Headbanger & Akatsuki!!!!!!!! I Love Babymetal!!!!!!! Love from Malaysia.....
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From : Noor Haslina (Malaysia)
Let's simply say I don't only like, but LOVE Babymetal. Their concept is ingeniously and something really new. That's why I think they have a good opportunity to have a wordwide career. And moreover: Can't wait for Sonisphere! Kitsune up! (or maybe c...
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From : Mike Thebike (Austria)
I Love BABYMETAL If I Din't Hear Any One Of There Songs I Could Die! Gimme Chocolate And I,D,Z...
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From : Meeko Rico (Japan)
I freaking love Babymetal. My favorite songs are Headbangya and Megitsune. Those girls are absolutely amazing ♥...
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From : Ariana Ortega (Somewhere)
We are Babymetal, We are Babymetal... Babymetal has an aura that is so good aura.. when SU-Metal perform, I love her voice, and When the both of girl YUI and MOA Metal dancing and give a backing vocal, it's make the song more good, the voice of them ...
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From : Erick Surya (Indonesia)
Only this word for me : amazing, bravo, perfect, execelent, great, my fav song, every song, even when I go to bed, always listen their song,...
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From : Indra Zhe Riavandy (Indonesia)
I Love BabyMetal. When i first saw their sobgs in Youtube, i simply followed them as I could tell that they will change the way how music evolves in the world nowadays. But then, seeing their live concert as part of the Line-up in AFA12 Jump Stage,wh...
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From : Art Benedict Dela Cruz (Singapore)
BABYMETAL was the perfect music vehicle to hate for metalheads: they were shamelessly manufactured (oh the most hated word by music elitists everywhere); they featured dance choreography; their lyrics were not dark, desperate, and brooding; they mixe...
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From : Dennis Salipsip (Philippines)
Well, first time I have seen their videos were 2 years ago, with MV "Headbanger" ( and in that time, I was thinking how that MV is too dark and and somehow scary, but also logical knowing how Japan people like horrors so much ) , but , at some point,...
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From : Nenad (Serbia)
How deep your love for BABYMETAL is? i cant explain that What is your favorite song? megitsune. great song ever. Have you ever seen their live performance? yes @ AFAID jakarta 2013 and How was it? just in one word, amazing!...
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From : riki (Indonesia)
they have been so huge! even some of my friends from local metal scene love them.. something awesome mixing between jpop and heavy metal megitsune is my fave.. have been loving them since early 2012 from their official youtube channel so lucky th...
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From : Dennis Aditya (Indonesia)
They're brilliantly exciting - I expect they will soon rule the world!...
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From : Dwight Teague (USA)
There too many cool songs to choose from! If I had to pick, Megitsune and Head Bangya!! would be first, followed by Uki Uki Midnight and Onedari Daisakusen. My love for BabyMETAL goes beyond just the music though, as it opened my ears to the musical ...
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From : Lokura Sic (Argentina)
I had not heard of Babymetal prior to your facebook post about them. I am not a fan of what is called "metal" today, I regularly rag my son about groups like slipknot etc. If Babymetal is considered "metal" by today's terms they are doing it better f...
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From : Christopher Rimmer (Alabama)
Simply, I love all about BM and Sakura Gakuin :)...
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From : Esaú Daniel (Equadol)
I love Megitsune Headbangeer Ijime Dame Zettai.They are the only one who cross idol with heavymetal!...
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From : Kevin Budiman (Indonesia)
I LOVE LOVE BABYMETAL! My favourite song is oh that's a hard one I love them all! I want to see them live but the only time they will be playing is when I am heading to Germany I live in the UK. BABYMETAL please do a world tour and visit especially...
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From : Mary Boardman (United Kingdom)
As someone who a mix of goth and big sparkly fanboy of all these kawaii, these girls are a godsend (or maybe sent from somewhere not so holy, LOL) The mix of the adorable and happy voices along with the awesomely brutal metal riffs just really make a...
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From : Nunez Gabriel (USA)
I Love BABYMETAL, I'm from Indonesia My favorite song is Ijime.Dame.Zettai,Megitsune, and Headbangeeerrr... \m/ Kitsune...
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From : Fiqri Ahmad Fuad (Indonesia)
I love Babymetal with all heart. My song favorite is Iine...
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From : Babymetal Mizuno (Somewhere)