BABYMETAL Global 100 Reviews #007

#007 / From : Bogdan (Slovenia)

Greetings from Slovenia, Europe!

My name is Bogdan (age 30) and I wrote this mail to give my opinion about Babymetal.

I was checking youtube for some japanese black metal that I heard once but instead of that I came across Babymetal.
I believe I started with the wrong song,  it was Doki Doki Morning..I must say that I didnt like it too much. But then I saw official video of Megitsune and I was WAAAAU! I simply love it, especially that there is something tradicional about it (I’m always amazed by japanese culture).
Then I was hit by Death, Headbanger and Akatsuki – and my music soul was sold. That happened about two weeks ago and since then, I’ve put aside all bands that I used to listen (from death to black to industrial metal) and now there is only Babymetal cd in the radio – I cant get enough of them and picking my favourite song is just impossible 🙂

I was so amazed by the band that I checked about them as much as I found on internet – turnt youtube upside down, checked as many things I found about Sakura Gakuin and learnt a lot of things (from the start of the band to the things that are happening today).

Why to love girls in Babymetal?
If you like metal music and you are open for new things, you can see real quality and potential.
Girls have awesome performance on stage, they literally explode from energy! They are maybe a bit too young for their vocals (but its called “kawaii” and that kinda makes sense) but if the band keeps working, voice will evolve for sure.
And about their personality – they are stars in Japan (and rising stars abroad), but they dont act like some spoiled every interview that I saw, they show great amount of politeness and respect to the one they talk to (I will never forget that moment when Doris from CHTHONIC meet them – it was like they meet their idol).
All I can say is that they deserve all the respect!

And about band?
They know for sure what are they doing.
Im glad that decision about changing skeletons for a real band was made.
Drummer nails it in just about every song, hits double every possible time, makes full beat so theres no space for more. When comes to guitar solo, they are taken by expert, no doubt.. and everything is packed with shredding riffs that give shivers to listener.

Unfortunately I didnt have chance to see them live yet but I hope that one day comes to screaming with them from the first row 🙂

So that is kinda all from me..
I wish them best of luck at Sonisphere festival!
People will for sure talk a lot about them after event..I just hope that they will see them equal to other bands and not as a joke to metalmusic.

And I would also like to thank to their parents for bringing them into this world and supporting them on their path.

Best regards,


P.S. – I’m sorry for text mistakes – english is not my prime language

from : Bogdan


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