BABYMETAL Global 100 Reviews #005

#005 / From : Luki (Indonesia)

My Name is Luki (yeah, my friend call me like that), I’m from Indonesia, I’m 17 years old, and next month I’ll go to a college, I’m a programmer, web designer, and this chance I will review about BABYMETAL to help Tokyo Girls’ Update. Check it out! ^O^

-Would you like to tell us your thought on BABYMETAL?

Babymetal is a different Japanese music I’ve ever seen, Idol music + Heavy Metal have made a new genre Kawaii Metal xD
“We don’t want to be number one, we want to be the only one in the world” – Su-metal said. LoL
I love them because they are very cute but bringing a hard song.
Their headbang and scream always made my day. LoL

-How deep your love for BABYMETAL is ?

I love BABYMETAL very much !!! Moa is my favorite member in Babymetal !! She has a cute dimple , cute smile , and I always laugh when she has shocked. Her shock expression is very epic.

-What is your favorite song?

Hmmm.. I love all their song, I think there are a unique part in their every song, but, if I must to choose one, maybe I’ll say “Megitsune” is my favorite song.

-Have you ever seen their live performance? and How was it?

No I haven’t . Babymetal have ever been to Indonesia, but i had an examination in school and made me couldn’t went to their concert. 🙁
I’m far from Japan, but I have a dream to go to their concert, I always make a web for people and get salary and I collect it and save it for my cost to go to their concert. but I’m afraid they will disband before I see them :'(

Yeah, maybe that’s is my review and my little story (LoL). Anyway, I’m enjoying to know, to hear, to see BABYMETAL. I trust I will meet them, don’t forget
“Put your kitsune up \m/ !” . thanks.

NB : I’m sorry if I have a mistake on top

from : Luki


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