BABYMETAL Global 100 Reviews #016

#016 / From : Ari 'Somad' Santoso (Indonesia)

greetings from indonesia 🙂

my first babymetal video was ijime, dame, zettai, at the time, i think they are very interesting and unique, but i don’t want to be disappointed by one hit wonder kind of band, so i studied more about them. and after i manage to collect various videos, interviews, and tv appearances, i love it, and decided to support them. their songs have great impact, its shocking, energetic, and refreshing. the dancing is surprisingly fits well with heavy metal sound, and su-metal’s vocal is magic.

there was this anime festival asia held in indonesia last year, and they made their first indonesia debut there. i’m not even into anime that much, and didn’t recognize the other artists performing, but i went there regardless, just to see one band, and that is babymetal, performing live. it was once in a lifetime experience. simply awesome.

i love all of their music, but akatsuki gets most of my love, ever since their 2nd major single released. its a powerful ballad metal, fits perfectly with sumetal’s beautiful vocal.

they will take over the world

from : Ari 'Somad' Santoso


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