BABYMETAL Global 100 Reviews #001

#001 / From : KeeChee (Singapore)


It all started out from Actor’s School of Hiroshima (ASH) which is known as アクターズスクール広島. When i start to notice Nakamoto Suzuka and her sister nakamoto Himeka performance when i watch the videos on Youtube. In 2008, Suzuka was in the group 可憐Girl’s/Karen Girl’s which consist of 3-members name Ayami Muto,Nakamoto Suzuka and Yuika Shima. I was so excited that i bought their CD singles and Album from CD stores online.

In 2009, I was sad when i heard that they are disbanding Karen Girl’s. I never gave up hope. I was hoping that Amuse will form a new group with the 3 of them. After 1 year of waiting, In 2010 Ayami and Suzuka became founding members of Sakura Gakuin,an idol group formed by the same agency Amuse. I was super happy when i see the news of Sakura Gakuin. Soon after that their first debut singles 夢に向かって/Hello!IVY “Toward The Dream” came out. I purchased the CD online on their release date December 8, 2010 without thinking. This will be the start of the new journey,
Sakura Gakuin/さくら学院 came out with sub units group which consist of Cooking Club Mini Parti, Go Home Club sleepiece, Baton club Twinklestars, Newspaper Club Scoopers and the group and the group we are talking about on this review Heavy music Club Babymetal. Just like the Co-curricular activities we have in our school life.

Babymetal started out with only one song titled “Doki Doki Morning” which is listed in the sakura gakuin album 2010. Soon Babymetal debut with their first DVD singles with the music video Doki Doki Morning. This DVD singles is only sold at the concert venue not online. It was difficult for me to get the concert merchandises as i’m in Singapore. Thanks to a Japanese fan that i met online on a forum that talks about Sakura Gakuin. He/she bought an extra one and sold it to me. The DVD singles came with a DVD and a towel printed with Babymetal wording. This start out my very first Babymetal Collection.

My favourite Song will be イジメ、ダメ、ゼッタイ/ Ijime Dame Zettai ! ! The song lyrics is filled with meaning. The fun part of this song during the concert is Babymetal fans in the Mosh Pit area will start do the “WALL OF DEATH” which is known as W.O.D ! Babymetal fans in the Mosh Pit will jump up and down with their Fox Signs. Actually I like every single one of their songs from the very first release to the latest one.

I still remembered a video that i watched on Youtube which is an interview that featured Babymetal. Su-Metal said that “We’d like to perform not only in japan but aboard as well. I had never really thought that they will come to Singapore to perform. During year 2012 november, Singapore Anime Festival Asia made my dream come true. Babymetal very first oversea live in singapore AFA. Straight away purchased the VIP tickets without thinking.

Experience of the concerts:
Singapore AFA 2012
Not just that during the AFA event itself. We met overseas Babymetal fans from Japan. malaysia, Indonesia and many more. It is a great chance to make friends and to interact with each others. There is an autograph session that is hosted during the event. With each CD singles you purchased at the AFA booth you get your chance to get your CD singles autographed by Babymetal. As the queue started rolling my heart started to skip a beat. When i it’s my turn to get my CD autographed. I felt that i’m dreaming, seeing the real Babymetal right in front of me. Each of us have some time to talk to the members and showing them fox sign. There is also a poster giving event by Babymetal,where fans collect their autographed poster from the members.
The concert started out with a hype. Japanese Babymetal fans had taught us how to Mosh through out the whole concert. It was a awesome
experience that can only be felt at the concert itself. No words can explain the real feeling.
The song titled “Iine! いいね!” Best part of the concert that shocked me cause it’s my first time.
いいね!いいね!+Dancing with the song + we did the moshing action
Favorite part is when Suu-Metal, Moa-Metal and Yui-Metal shouted *シンガポール/Singaporu*
We need to repeat after them ! !
03: ウ・キ・ウ・キ☆ミッドナイト
Even though it’s just 5 songs it was a awesome hearing them live for my first time !!

AFA Indonesia 2013
The second oversea live was hosted at AFA indonesia 2013. Me and my bunch of friends flew over to attend the concert too. To be frank i had never seat on a aeroplane before. This trip to AFA indonesia was my very first flight. We met quite a lot of Indonesia BABYMETAL fans waiting for BABYMETAL arrival.What shocked us was a family of BABYMETAL fan with a little girl wearing custom BABYMETAL fan t-shirt. (Family Wotas)
This tells us that chasing idol, it doesn’t matter how old you are, as long as your heart is there to love and support them. Fandom lasts forever ! After an hour of waiting, finally BABYMETAL arrived. Babymetal went off in awhile. Even it’s just a short while but it’s like words can’t express the feeling. Photo taking session with indonesia fans we met. After we dispersed, we went our own ways.We met a few japanese BABYMETAL fans that we knew from last year at AFASG at Jakarta airport too.
*7th Sept 2013 *Second day of AFAID* The day we were waiting for*
*BABYMETAL autograph session*
A short session with BABYMETAL makes fans heart goes DOKI DOKI~~
*Many overseas fans came on this big day to support Babymetal*
*Moshed with japanese Babymetal fans like what we did at AFASG 2012.
First song up
-1.Megitsune that brought the whole atmosphere up
We were all shouting
それっ! それっ! それっ!それそれそれそれっ!
そいやそいやそいやそいや そいやそいやそいやそいや そいやそいやそいやそいや それそれそれそれ!
+ Dancing with the song + jumping up and down.
2. Iine! いいね!
いいね!いいね!+Dancing with the song + we did the moshing action
Favorite part is when Suu-Metal, Moa-Metal and Yui-Metal shouted *JAKARTA x 2 * with Moa and Yui doing the J,K,T action if you looked carefully.
We need to repeat after them ! !
3. Catch me if you can
Played hide and seek like what Babymetal did on stage.
We danced to the song also.
*We covered/uncovered our eyes like hide and seek, that was the fun part.
4.”DO・KI・DO・KI ☆ Morning” ド・キ・ド・キ☆モーニング
Danced to the song+ Sang to the song
*There was a part where Babymetal jumped and landed on the floor*
*Fun part: We did that too, right in front of the stage*
5. “Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!” (ヘドバンギャー!)
Danced to the song + chanting Hedoban x a lot of times+
Showing fox sign
*There was a part where Moa and Yui hedoban on the floor with Suu-Metal in the centre*
*Fun part: We did that too, right in front of the stage*
-One long row of BabyMetal fans dropped on to the floor and headbang together with Moa and Yui*
-Neck breaking sensation-
6. Ijime, Dame, Zettai (イジメ、ダメ、ゼッタイ) + *MINI W.O.D*
Last song and it’s the song we were looking forward to ! ! !
-We did the thumbs up like what Babymetal were doing ! ! !
Chanting (ダメ!) イジメ(ダメ!) カッコわるいよ(ダメ!ダメ!ダメ!ダメ!) and キツネ(飛べ!) キツネ(飛べ!) きっと飛べるよ(飛べ!飛べ!飛べ!飛べ!)
*Jumping up and down with fox sign*
The ending when we followed Babymetal and chanted ” WE ARE BABYMETALLLLLLL” ! ! !
*Even though it was just 6 songs – It was a totally AWESOME show ! !

Singapore AFA 2013
That’s not the end of 2013 yet. Babymetal came over to Singapore AFA 2013 to promote their one man live in Singapore Scape Theater on the 28 december 2013. There is a mini live hosted. Babymetal sang two songs “Megitsune” (メギツネ) and ending with イジメ、ダメ、ゼッタイ/ Ijime Dame Zettai ! ! There is also a short meet and greet session. You get to collect your autographed postcard from Babymetal ! ! Totally awesome !

BabyMetal One Man live in Singapore Scape Theater @28 december 2013
We made a autograph board with drawing on it and asking fans around the concert area to sign on it. A lot of overseas fans also flew over to singapore to catch their live !! Let’s MOSH TOGETHER !
This is the first time we can enjoy all their songs except for ウ・キ・ウ・キ☆ミッドナイト which is not sang.
We get to listen to their new release – ギミチョコ!!- Gimme chocolate!!
2013年12月28日(土)SCAPE Ground Theatre(シンガポール) 開演 / 17:30
02:君とアニメが見たい ~Answer for Animation With You
08:Catch me if you can

*Merlion God was born ! !
We managed to pass the autographed board to the manager before they departed at Changi Airport.

2014 Taiwan live BabyMetal x ChthoniC
My second time flying on plane. Me and one of my friend went over to catch their live during Chinese New Year.
Going to the point of this event ! ! Concert venue looks awesome. Crowd of fans from Babymetal and ChthoniC filled the concert hall. Before the start of the concert the screen on the stage showed 2 episode of 完全櫻樂 SakuraGaku that featured BABYMETAL. This episode on the monster box game and the headbanging game. Last the video clip on the announcement of the taiwan performance.
The concert MC for the day came out and introduced both BABYMETAL and ChthoniC. He asked what is the hand sign we must put for the whole concert. Without any waiting the whole crowd is putting the KITUNE sign up in the air. He explained on how to do the BABYMETAL headbanging which is called the Baby Headbang. He banged his head side way.
First to perform was ChthoniC
Supreme Pain for the Tyrant
Sail into the sunset`s fire
Defenders of Bú-Tik Palace
last song is TAKAO
**The metal barrier that is infront of the Mosh Pit crashed during the first song of ChthoniC due to too much Moshing. The barrier was fixed out soon.
Last but not least ! ! BABYMETAL ! !
Setlist :
2.Doki Doki Morning + Iine!(Remix)
*They forgotten it was a remix so when the part when they was going to drop on the floor to sleep the music changed to “yo~yo~” And it started out with the concert chant ! ! TAI-WAN ! !
3.Gimme Choco
4.Onedari Daisakusen
6.Catch me if you can
W.O.D was formed in the center of the crowd ! !

Megitsune (BABYMETAL x ChthoniC)
Another Legend was born in Taiwan same with Singapore solo live.
I really enjoyed this taiwan concert.

Next UP BABYMETAL LIVE in Europe ! !

*The most important part of this review before i end it. BabyMetal really brings fans/父兄 from all over the world together. Fans/父兄 get to know each others more and sharing our love for Babymetal or Sakura Gakuin. New friends is also made each time we attend live.

From: KeeChee / キーチー
Love from Singapore ! !

from : KeeChee


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