BABYMETAL Global 100 Reviews #003

#003 / From : Lum Kee Boh (Singapore)


Greeting to all babymetal fans. My name is Lum Kee Boh from singapore !

Would you like to tell us your thought on BABYMETAL?
Yes, I get to know babymetal in Singapore AFA 2012 when they come to AFA concert with out any knowledge of them. When i took a first look “Babymetal” on the concert list, it look pretty cool and want to listen how does babymetal sound like in concert. I was looking forward to listen. once babymetal on the stage, i was cheering when music started. I was surprise that the music is pretty nice which is metal and at the same time its not. After that i went back home and do research on babymetal, i come to know they come from “sakura gakuin” as sub club and also know that babymetal is a mixture of metal&idol which come to understanding the part of non-metal comes. It was a very good mix of metal&idol and which bring new type of music into world of music.

How deep your love for BABYMETAL is?
I fall in love in babymetal since singapore AFA 2012. I spend most of my time doing reaching on babymetal history and listen to their song all day.

What is your favorite song?

I love all the song. I don’t really speak japanese or understand but try to sing all their song as well trying to find out what they sing so i can enjoy babymetal song fully. At times, i do learn some of their dance step so when i go to their live concert, i can dance, sing and cheer at the same time !!

Have you ever seen their live performance? and How it was?

Yes i been to their concert twice.
One is at Singapore AFA 2012 and another one at Singapore solo live concert at 2013.
I having so much fun and get to know babymetal fans, sing along, cheer and dance together. We lost our voice on the next day. Hahaa.

from : Lum Kee Boh


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