BABYMETAL Global 100 Reviews #019

#019 / From : Justine Danielle Sanchez (Philippines)

From the Philippines! Hmm. I don’t think I’ve embraced a band especially a Japanese or Metal band faster than I did with BABYMETAL. I didn’t really listen, I just heard my brother listening to them because he saw them on 9gag. When I looked them up, they’re like this drug that I’m now addicted to. I even looked up さくら学院 because of them. I haven’t seen them live, but I want to tho’. I love all their songs. They’re all amazing, but my favorite 3 has got to be:
•Ijime, Dame, Zettai-about anti-bullying. Stop Bullying Forever.
•Gimme Choco-its the first BM song I heard and loved.
•Iine-this just, the music makes you want to dance and it makes me listen to it more because of the many genres it has in one song. Its just a really fun song to listen to.
The concept of J-POP and Metal clashing was uncalled for and outstanding. As Su-metal said before, they replaced HEAVY with BABY because it portrays that they make this, like, newborn genre. They call their genre KAWAII-METAL, which is vey unique. It fits their goal not to be Number One but Only One. I think they are really good, because, first, they didn’t know anything about metal the first time and they’re soing an amazing job now. Second, for 14&16 year old girls, they have amazing vocals and despite their kawaii-ness, they can change their facial reaction from cute to scary-cute. Haha. Last, they are nothing like the artists nowadays because when they sing, its like you can feel what they’re feeling, their emotions is mixed with the song. To sum it up, they’re just absolutely amazing. But in my opinion, if ever they conquer the world with their music, they can actually be number 1.

from : Justine Danielle Sanchez


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