BABYMETAL Global 100 Reviews #002

#002 / From : Reio (Somewhere)

Hi everyone,

I was introduced to BABYMETAL by a fan page on Facebook. My fan is DJ Tekina//Something aka Yuyoyuppe.. He is the one who arranged Megitsune so it was posted in the page. I then went to watch the MV, the girls were pretty and it was quite cool..

My first thought about BABYMETAL is like their song are made for opening song for Anime. Even their name doesn’t sound serious and weird with the “baby” in it. I wasn’t addicted to them yet.

After sometimes, this Megitsune song randomly started to play in my mind. I then just realised how beautiful Su’s voice were in the “Aaahhhh” part. I then went back YouTube to search and listen to the song again, I started to like them and the song. So I clicked on their channel and search for more of their songs.

You can say I’m the kind of OCD person, so I went to view their very first video onwards and I found this, I was also strucked by this video “BABYMETAL – My First HEAVY METAL in Tokyo 2012”. They teached me about their original “Fox Sign”.
The “What’s going on in Japan?” and the “About to be the hottest topic! Don’t get left behind” really strucked me, I can really see the amount of crowd and I really don’t want to miss this. XD Those subtitle really attracts me into this so much. That video is really cool!!! I have never seen and liked this so much!!!

I’m a fan of Metal and Screamo, I also love Japanese song. so this is really something for me. I find that girl singing with Metal music is something very beautiful. It’s like Metal is something very hardcore, but with a woman’s voice. It neutralised everything and made it beautiful. Also the reason I love Yuyoyuppe’s songs he made with Luka singing to screamo and metal.

I have listened to all the songs from BABYMETAL, I like them all!! I have never listened to all the songs of any favourite artists and like all of them. BABYMETAL is the first.

I have also been to their concert in Singapore. I cannot believe they would come here and perform! I went to see them in AFA 2013 first. I got so high when they performed in AFA. Sort of dream come true. I even purchased their limited edition shirt and love it so much, I have been wearing it everytime and even overseas like Japan. (I will post some photos)

That concert night was really a great one.. I have listened to all their songs in one night, that night I have also listened to Gimme Chocolate. It was the first time I listened to that song, so I was surprised and went back home to find the song right after. I can’t really find it.

Anyone who likes BABYMETAL should come to their concert and support them, they really put up their best in each show. I can see their hardwork and sweat. I hope to see them again.

Sorry for writing so long, that all for now. See You!

from : Reio


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