BABYMETAL Global 100 Reviews #039

#039 / From : Nenad (Serbia)

Well, first time I have seen their videos were 2 years ago, with MV “Headbanger” ( and in that time, I was thinking how that MV is too dark and and somehow scary, but also logical knowing how Japan people like horrors so much ) , but , at some point, for me, MV was little too much for me ( I dont like horrors ) , and then,after several months , it came MV for “Ijime,Dame,Zettai”, and for that , I also had in that time complaints on how young those two girls look in MV , so, it gave a feeling of not so serious group.
Then, less than year ago, “Megitsune” was posted , and that was instant love for me, that was finally the song and the video that was executed with perfection , from that time , I became fan of BABYMETAL and searched for their other videos , and in that search I found UKI UKI MIDNIGHT video , another perfection of MV , and also BABYMETAL DEATH , also good song.
And now why I love BABYMETAL is the mix of kawaii and metal, that mixture of good and bad , calmness and aggressiveness , something that all people have. And also, I am glad that Su-metal can sing live , and that is really highly important for concerts outside Japan . And of course, I wish if they can make good MV with the song ” White love ” , its phenomenal, its really impressive adaptation of J-pop group “Speed” song .

from : Nenad


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