BABYMETAL Global 100 Reviews #004

#004 / From : Nick Fleury (USA)

Babymetal. Has Changed my Life.
I was just really getting into listening to JPOP, but they all started to sound the same.
Then up pops this video “line” and I was hooked.
I just kept finding more videos…
So I checked iTunes… OMG! More Tunes!!!
Now I’m playing it at home, in my car…

Su-metal is the most talented natural singer I’ve ever heard…
Yui & Moa are excellent performers in their own right…

Some people complain that it’s just girls dancing & lip syncing to programed music.
And they complain it’s not “real” metal.
But they just don’t get it.
It’s a show!! It’s Entertaining!
And I LIKE IT!!!

I hope they come to the USA soon!!!
I want to see them LIVE!!!
It looks like so much fun!!!

from : Nick Fleury


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