BABYMETAL Global 100 Reviews #013

#013 / From : Tomo (United Kingdom)

I love baby metal. I have bought there new album and it is far more better than I expected. I started listening to baby metal around the time mekitsune came out. most of my friends listen to full rock music like Metallica and groups like then then there’s me. with my k/ jpop like orange caramel, 2NE1, Kyary pamyu pamyu, and groups like that. but when I started listening to baby metal and showed my friends some of the songs. they said that they would do anything to go to their concert. my favourite song is probably IINE because it has so many different types of songs and it just fits all together perfectly. I am close to where baby metal are playing in the UK but I’m not allowed to go because the tickets are too expensive and just to see baby metal is a lot of money. hopefully i might be able to hear them playing or maybe look around London the day before trying to find them.

I really want baby metal to go on a world tour or something because it would be such fun to go to a kawaii rock concert because i have never been to one before.

from : Tomo


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