BABYMETAL Global 100 Reviews #037

#037 / From : Art Benedict Dela Cruz (Singapore)

I Love BabyMetal. When i first saw their sobgs in Youtube, i simply followed them as I could tell that they will change the way how music evolves in the world nowadays. But then, seeing their live concert as part of the Line-up in AFA12 Jump Stage,which was the very first live concert that I attended and they were even the opening act, it really sealed the deal. They arent like most mainstream artists nowadays(esp in the west) that no matter how nice their vocals are, it just felt empty and something is missing. This is not the case for BabyMetal. You feel complete and full of emotions from yourself and from the girls in BabyMetal. If I were to sum up their live concerts in 1 word, I’d say it is pure “Ecstasy”.
I have 3 favourite songs in total: IjimeDameZettai, Akatsuki and Onedari Daisakusen.
Ijime,Dame,Zettai- this song carries a very powerful message. The title itself, if translated directly, is “Bullying,Dont,Absolutely” or if you want to form a coherent phrase is “Absolutely No Bullying”. This song starts off with a very melodic vocal and instrumental. And right after the short vocal in the intro, the heavy metal instrumental kicks in which is then followed by a scream, which signals the start of the wall of death in the mosh pit. Another highlight about this song is that it gives the audience several chances of joining in and interaction with BabyMetal. And if you are in a concert, you can feel the unity in idol-fan.

Akatsuki- This song is a very powerful song. Melodic Metal with awesome vocals by Su-Metal. This is a solo song… if you are there at their live concert, you will simply be moved by this song.

Onedairi Daisakusen- Why? This song is just plain FUN. A very energetic song sung by Moa-Metal and Yui-Metal about money. Hahaha! Awesome beats that makes you full of energy and wanting to simply jump and dance along. The level of cuteness of the girls is just TOO DAMN HIGH.

Regards from Singapore!

from : Art Benedict Dela Cruz


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