BABYMETAL Global 100 Reviews #020

#020 / From : Dennis Salipsip (Philippines)

… the commitment to metal was there. There are some serious musicians making these songs and you had to give props to the suit who went in the boardroom and pitched the wild idea that is BABYMETAL. At the end of the day, it was how the music affected me i have never been this engrossed in an album since Ten, Nevermind, Jagged Little Pill, the Black Album, and And Justice for All. There is so much infectious joy and embrace of the subversive that it is impossible to not love the album. Finally, the girls themselves… there have been talks about them not knowing what metal was all about before BABYMETAL and that how it was not an organic development for them but that really doesn’t matter since these little troopers dived into their craft and embraced it. Watch their live performances and tell me that there is no passion, no twinkle in their eyes as they sing and dance, no profound appreciation on the music they sing and how it affects people. As for me, BABYMETAL is another landmark in my lifetime love of rock and roll and all it’s various evolution/mutation. It’s an act that brought me back to my love of music just when i was starting to feel that there was nothing new and original anymore. Faith is music restored. – Dennis, rock/metal lover since 1990.

from : Dennis Salipsip


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