BABYMETAL Global 100 Reviews #012

#012 / From : Matthew Poh (Singapore)

Oh babymetal~ Although i came to like them only this year’s January, but my love for them grows everyday! Their song truly touches me.. like ijime dame zettai, about anti-bullying. Which is my favorite as i really hate bullying a lot. Songs like Megitsune, about female foxes. I like it too! maybe because i like foxes in general.. and there’s the Kitsune sign! After discovering babymetal, i went on and found out that they are from Sakura Gakuin.. and all the videos i saw there when Suzuka, Yui and Moa were really young! They’ve grown a lot throughout the years.. it’s almost like being a Fukei watching their own daughter growing up! :3 I would really love to see them live.. or even be outside the concert hall to hear them sing but i missed the chance when they came to singapore for two years. Dear god why didn’t i notice them sooner!? If there is another chance that babymetal will be coming to singapore, i will definitely be there no matter what!

Hmmm, Suzuka! She’s so cool! and at times act like a big sister for Yui and Moa :3 but well i heard she taught them the wrong maths formula though :X Her voice is superb! and thats why she’s babymetal’s lead singer. Yui and Moa, the two little angels..or devil i suppose? Speaking of them, a song immediately came into my mind. Onedari Daisakusen. I would not mind buying them anything that they want actually.. if that can make them both happy. Yui is more of a.. quiet girl, i was hoping she could interact more and smile more. Moa oh moa, She is always cheerful, happy and emotional. Oh not forgetting that even the frogs love her.. :X Every time i see her it lights up a smile on my face. Of course i love them all equally, maybe moa gets a little more attention from me :X

At first, i was worried that the real hardcore metal fans would hate on them, during live concerts, bottle throws or anything that might hurt them.. worries me a lot. But i have faith that people will bring themselves to like BABYMETAL! It really matters that who likes them and not who doesn’t. The mixture of J-pop meats Metal is really successful and in many, many countries. Now BABYMETAL is no longer locally popular, it’s world wide now. Although there are many countries that wants babymetal to tour them, they are still teens. I suppose we should give them time and they will eventually tour every country, (Hopefully tour singapore more :3)

Oh and my name is Matthew Poh! You guys can address me as Mahyu :3 I am from singapore! This review is much love from me and my country! DEATH!!
My Kitsune sign is up!

from : Matthew Poh


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