BABYMETAL Global 100 Reviews #011

#011 / From : David Savage (Scotland)

Hey there, Name is David Savage from Scotland, 23.

Babymetal are simply incredible, already a fan of Japanese culture and with some years I will be moving to the country myself Babymetal certainly didn’t surprise me as much as everyone else seemed to be, but that just gave me more love for this incredible band (My favourite being Moa-Metal <3)
There combination of heavy metal backing with j-pop/idol vocals works incredibly well even though it shouldn’t, This partnership sounds like the worst idea to the music industry on paper yet Babymetal provide more than enough proof that such combinations can work and can excel within the global music industry and not just confined to the Japanese music industry.
As a student I sadly have not been able to attend a concert (Fair distance to get to the buddokan :P) however they will be appearing at Sonisphere in the UK and already I can’t wait to see them live. Quite honestly Babymetal are the missing link ive waited for in my music tastes since the early 90’s and now I have found them…
Well I want to support them CONQUER THE WORLD. Babymetal are simply the most ingenious creation on the planet. A message to Su-Metal, Yui-Metal and Moa-Metal. You are all so fucking awesome now lets rock the world and conquer with some Babymetal Resistance, #Babymetal4Lyfe

from : David Savage


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