Bloom Your Flowers Inside Your Heart! Yuri Exhibition 2017 Opening Soon

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Bloom Your Flowers Inside Your Heart!  Yuri Exhibition 2017 Opening Soon

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Yuri Exhibition, focusing on relationship between girls, will be held following last year’s one receiving a lot of good reviews. Various manga artists and photographer, 18 creators in total will join the event to exhibit their works.

Yuri Exhibition has started in 2016 and we have covered the event in detail!

The Beautiful and Mysterious World of Girls’ Love at “Yuri Exhibition 2016”

The main visual for Yuri Exhibition 2017 is by manga artist Kanno and photographer Kaisuke Hasegawa. The exhibition will have Yuri photographs, copies of manga art, as well as merchandise.

The event will be held in both Tokyo (Ikebukuro Marui, March 18~26) and Osaka (Umeda LOFT, April 1~9).

Here are just some pieces of their merchandise!

缶乃/あの娘にキスと白百合を/Tシャツ/Mサイズ・Lサイズ 2800yen

Kanno/ Ano ko ni Kiss to Shirayuri wo/T-shirt/M&L size/ 2800yen


Nio Nakatani/Yagate Kimi ni Naru/Clear file/ 400yen

平尾アウリ/推しが武道館いってくれたら死ぬ/クリアファイル 400yen

Auri Hirao / Oshi ga Budokan Ittekuretara Shinu/Clear file/ 400yen

森島明子/囁きのキス~Read my lips./Tシャツ/Mサイズ・Lサイズ

Akiko Morishima/Sasayaki no Kiss~Read my lips./T-shirt/M&L size/2800yen

Spring is coming, and it would be a good idea to bloom your flowers in your heart by visiting Yuri exhibition.

Period : March 18~26, 2017
Venue : Ikebukuro Marui 7F
Opening hour : 11:00~20:30
Tel : 03-5985-0225

Period : April 1~9, 2017
Venue : Umeda LOFT 3F, Loft Labo
Opening hour : 10:30~21:00
Tel : 06-6292-2337

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