The Hidden World of Japanese Schoolgirls Through the Lens of Photographer Keisuke Hasegawa

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The Hidden World of Japanese Schoolgirls Through the Lens of Photographer Keisuke Hasegawa

Keisuke Hasegawa

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The image of a schoolgirl can be quite polarizing, especially when used as the centerpiece of a photobook, however Keisuke Hasegawa delves deeper into their world, showing the pain and pleasure they experience while making their way into adulthood.


Starting his journey as a photographer in 2010 as a university student, Hasegawa has focused mainly on schoolgirls, releasing a series of photobooks titled Shojo Shashu (少女寫集, young girls’ photobook) annually. Shojo Shashu Yuri no Saku Koro ni, one of the latest books in his series, despite being sold only in a few Village Vanguard stores across Japan, has been a big success. At the time that this article was being written, only 1-2 copies were left on the Village Vanguard online shop. While there are obviously some provocative scenes depicting young girls showing affection for another, there are others showing what happens when the darkness inside of them comes out as well.


An article by Z TOKYO credits Hasegawa’s work as contributing to the often overlooked/ignored issues of feminine sexuality in Japanese society which has long treasured harmony and conformity.

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