More Than Friends, Not Quite Lovers: Lilygirl Explores the Intimate World of Young Women

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More Than Friends, Not Quite Lovers: Lilygirl Explores the Intimate World of Young Women

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A lingering glance. An awkward silence. A secret connection between two young women. Lilygirl is a new media project which casts models and idols as young women caught in between being friends a and lovers in a series of short films about the bittersweet days of youth.

Lilygirl is the creation of Kazuki Matsuda who was previously part of the Hana girl project and hanarichu. Erika Iida is the photographer for the project and the custom seifuku were designed by Hiroko Kamata (STATICE). Music is handled by TALK ABOUT.

Here is the commercial introducing the series.

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Here is a short preview of episode 1 “Haruhi to Mika” starring Haruhi Nakajima (Junes☆Princess, Miss iD 2015) and Mika Ichinose (Kamiyado, Miss iD 2016) as members of the theater club. Are the feelings real or just acting? Pay close attention to their expressions!

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Model Arisa Kunugi and solo idol Rinne Yoshida are classmates who connect through their shared experiences of juggling school and show business.

Solo idol Mai Kotone and model/idol Kokoro Shinozaki (petit pas!, Miss iD 2015) star as two women from completely different worlds.

Illustrator Rei Kato has also contributed to the Lilygirl project.


There are plans to produce a photobook and film version and casting for the second series of short films so be sure to check the Lilygirl Twitter and Instagram accounts for the latest updates.

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