So Many Men, So Many Fechi! 10 Japanese Irresistible “Fechi” (Fetish) Cultures You Have No Choice but Agree to!

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So Many Men, So Many Fechi!  10 Japanese Irresistible “Fechi” (Fetish) Cultures You Have No Choice but Agree to!

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What image do you have for the word “fetish” in English? Most of you must imagine it’s some serious mental disorder, having sexual focus on a non-living object or non-genital body part. Or more casually, fetish fashion, bondage, dominance/submission, and/or sadism and masochism could be imagined.

However, in Japan, the word “fetish” is very casually used and having much much lighter meaning. The word is even used among young people, to be shorten as “fechi(フェチ)”. Talking about their own fechi at classroom is not something embarrassing nor to be blamed at all. Thus “fechi” in Japanese only means, light sexual preference . It seems the meaning of “fechi” has been getting closer to “moe(萌え)”, which usually defined as “feelings of strong affection towards anime characters or people”.

As “Moe” are categorized in various patterns, so “fechi” does. The most often heard fechi words are like these:
-Megane-fechi : fechi towards people who wearing eyeglasses
-Sakotsu-fechi : fechi towards people who have beautiful clavicular
-Te-fechi : fechi towards people who have beautiful hands (the most important part is FINGERS!)
-Waki-fechi : fechi towards people who have beautiful armpit
-Oshiri-fechi : fechi towards beautiful hip (in most cases, it’s boys to girls)

Sakotsu fechi

Sakotsu fechi

These listed fechi are only a few of “fechi” samples, and actually anything could be “fechi” if you say you like it. There are very minor fechi such as “pores in the skin fechi”, “eyeballs fechi”, or “tailbone fechi”. So many men, so many fechi.

According to Urepia Souken, the media researching trends in lifestyle, fashion, and culture in Japan, “2015 was the year of “fechi” culture made a big hit”. Tokyo Girls’ Update also has been chasing the trends from since 2014  to now, and we want to show you the wrap-up of “fechi” series article for your deeper understanding.

1. Knee-high socks 


As one of the standards items of Japanese “moe” culture and common knowledge for all Japanese subculture geeks worldwide, “knee-high socks” have the never-ending possibility to attract many different people nowadays. From fashion, to subculture, and even to fetish art, knee-high socks have come to be loved by males and females now.In this article, we researches the reasons why have “knee-high socks” been so popular for so many years now, and why are they so attractive to both genders!

2. Suichu-Niso (Underwater Knee-High Girls)

Suichi-Niso plus Exhibition report :

The 3rd “Underwater Knee-High Girls” to Be Published as “Suichu Niso Cube” Showing Girls’ Relationships :

This “Suichu-Niso” series photographer are by visual artist, designer, and video creator Manabu Koga. He has worked on the underwater shooting for Helter Skelter, and Sayonara Ponytail’s “Hey!! Nyan♡” music video. He originally began his underwater girls project as a hobby, but claims that it inspired him more than his projects at work. The popularity has been rising day by day and “Suichu-Niso” photos went overseas and were exhibited in Taiwan in 2015.  In Japanese pop culture, eroticism and fashion are not deliberately separated and mixed up. So you can receive it as fashion, fechi, art…whatever you feel!


3. Seifuku (School Uniforms)


…Learn more about the rest seven fechi! It even gets maniac, like "Thighs", "Wide set eyes" or "Snaggleteeth" ! xD

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