Gotta Catch ‘Em All! Take a Pikachu at the New “Pokémon Collection” From Japanese Lingerie Brand YUMMY MART!
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YUMMY MART, the sister brand of popular Japanese lingerie brand PEACH JOHN, announced releasing of “Pokémon Collection” on April 20th, celebrating Pokémon’s 20th anniversary year!


The line up for the collection is ; panties, pajamas, ponchos, eye masks, and laundry porch. Unfortunately, The pikachu bras are not on sale! Just for display! Sad!


Along with the release of this collection, there will be Instagram hashtag campaign held at YUMMY MART stores in Shibuya 109, Shibuya PARCO, and Ikebukuro PARCO. The special photo booths will be placed on each store, and by taking a picture of you there and post it on Instagram with hashtag #YM_PIKACHU, 5 lucky people will be chosen to get YUMMY MART Pokémon collection special items. This in-store campaign will be starting from April 20th until May 8th, so if you have chance to come to Tokyo, why not visiting there!


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Pokémon Collection on YUMMY MART website :

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