PEACH JOHN Releases Lingerie & Swimwear Series Featuring ONE PIECE!
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PEACH JOHN, a Japanese lingerie brand, releases lingerie and swimwear series collaborated with ONE PIECE!

peach-john-one-piece-02 peach-john-one-piece-03

The first line-up items are Nami’s swimwear set (8,980yen+tax), Robin’s swimwear set (9,980yen+tax), Boa Hancock’s bra set (7,980yen+tax), and Princess Shirahoshi’s bra set (7,980yen+tax).

peach-john-one-piece-05 peach-john-one-piece-01

The items will be on sale on April 12, at PEACH JOHN online store, PEACH JOHN THE Store Shibuya branch, Ikebukuro branch, and Namba branch. The second line-up will be announced on April 10! You’re gonna love it!

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